Acronis True Image 2021’s integrated antimalware aces AV-TEST analysis

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When Acronis created the concept of cyber protection – the integration of reliable backups and effective cybersecurity – it was because we saw how hackers were creating more sophisticated attacks that start by corrupting backup software, disabling backup agents, and altering backup files.

We knew then that backup without antimalware is no longer sufficient because it couldn’t keep the data protected.

At the same time, a cybersecurity solution that doesn’t include integrated backup capabilities is also insufficient, since it can’t help a user recover after an attack. But it goes without saying that an integrated antimalware actually has to stop cyberattacks as well as other solutions before it would be even considered appropriate.

With the launch of Acronis True Image 2021, that vision of complete and effective personal cyber protection is now a reality – and the renowned AV-TEST Institute just delivered findings that confirm that fact.

AV-TEST evaluates Acronis True Image’s antimalware

The independent security research lab performed a private test of Acronis True Image 2021’s integrated antimalware in July and August. Commissioned by Acronis, the AV-TEST institute tested the personal cyber protection solution against the lab’s certification tests for Protection and Usability.

The results were impressive, with Acronis True Image detecting and blocking every single attack in the Protection test, while only causing one false positive during the Usability test.

Perfect protection from Acronis

In the Protection tests, the lab looks at whether the product is able to defend a system against current and widespread attacks. There are two portions of the test: Real-world protection and Prevalent malware detection.

  • Real-world protection: The tested product has to defend the computer against 182 malicious URLs that are visited with a browser and three emails with malicious attachments that are retrieved with a regular email client. The test rates both detection and protection performance. Acronis True Image detected 100% of the 185 malicious test cases.
  • Prevalent malware detection: This test consists of malicious PE files that are not older than two weeks, and only includes files that have been reported as widespread and prevalent. The files are scanned to determine the static detection rate, and then any that were not detected are executed to test for dynamic detection. A total of 4124 malicious files were used to assess Acronis True Image, and it detected 100% of them.
Acronis True Image antimalware stops all attacks

Tremendous usability

Usability examines whether a product influences the usability of the system by causing false detection and false alarms. This test is divided into multiple parts, a Static false positive test and a Dynamic false-positive test.

  • Static false-positive test: This test consists of scanning different sets of confirmed clean files to see if any false detections happen. Three sets of samples are scanned using clean files from:
  • Windows and Office installations (172201 files)
  • Third-party software (158774 files)
  • Computer games from different download platforms (19287 files)

Acronis True Image 2021 only generated one false positive in a set of files from third-party software. AV-TEST noted that while such an issue can be unpleasant, it is not critical since it wouldn’t affect the system stability (unlike potential false positives in the first file set).

  • Dynamic false-positive test: This test simulates normal user interactions by downloading clean software, installing and using it – which is monitored for false alarms or blocking of legitimate actions.

Against the 64 programs run, Acronis True Image performed great and did not generate any false alarms or interventions.

Final thought

In their final analysis of Acronis True Image 2021, AV-TEST noted that “These results would definitely be enough to get certified and reach a high score in the official AV-TEST certification test.”

To read the full report, you can download it here.

The Performance and Usability findings by the AV-TEST Institute are not a surprise, since the antimalware technology in Acronis True Image 2021 is the same as the VB100-certified antimalware in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. That service provider solution previously delivered similar results in independent testing by AV-TEST, as well as Virus Bulletin, Frost & Sullivan, ICSA Labs, and AV-Comparatives.

Now individuals, prosumers, and small businesses can access that same comprehensive cyber protection with the only personal solution on the market that delivers the unique integration of best-of-breed backup and cutting-edge antimalware. To learn more about Acronis True Image 2021 or to test drive it free for 30-days, click here.

About Acronis

A Swiss company founded in Singapore in 2003, Acronis has 15 offices worldwide and employees in 50+ countries. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is available in 26 languages in 150 countries and is used by over 20,000 service providers to protect over 750,000 businesses.