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The new remote-first approach to work is driving demand for remote collaboration and productivity services. Unfortunately, traditional solutions don’t offer the security needed to safeguard sensitive data against modern cyberthreats.

Today, we’re announcing the release of the Advanced File Sync and Share pack, extending Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud’s existing file-sharing capabilities with fully remote notarization, verification, and electronic signature support — enabling new and unique opportunities for service providers.

Traditional collaboration tools don’t meet the moment

Remote work represents a major technological shift, one that was greatly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the last 18 months, demand for secure file sync and share services has skyrocketed — 88% of organizations worldwide required employees to work from home, and the option to continue working remotely has become a basic expectation. Two-thirds of businesses have accordingly increased their spending on tools that enable remote collaboration and conferencing.

Such trends present a clear opportunity for MSPs to attract new customers and increase their service offerings. The biggest obstacle, however, has been that traditional file-sharing solutions don’t address modern organizations’ needs around data protection and privacy — including the ability to exercise control over data access, manipulation privileges, and storage locations.

Introducing the Advanced File Sync and Share pack

MSPs rely on Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud for its essential cyber protection capabilities and as the bedrock from which they can build their services on. The new Advanced File Sync and Share pack further empowers MSPs to support their clients’ digital transformation by delivering a level of enhanced data security that traditional collaboration solutions simply don’t offer.

These capabilities include:

  • File notarization powered by the Ethereum blockchain, enabling clients to notarize files of any format and type, with irrefutable proof of the files’ originality and immutability. In a world where criminal use of digital editing and deepfake technology for fraud and forgery is rapidly accelerating, such notarization eliminates the risk of logs, records, videos, or images being altered.
  • Electronic signatures that enable multiple people to sign a document remotely. The simple drag-and-drop feature helps clients along every step of their document flow — from creation to distribution to signature. The eSigning service also creates a blockchain-based certificate to ensure the authenticity of both the signature and document.

In each use case, blockchain technology is used to create an immutable audit trail and ensure data authenticity. This, in combination with the ability to select where clients’ data is stored, enables MSPs to meet the compliance, data sovereignty, and performance requirements of clients in even the most highly regulated industries.

Additional enhancements to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

While the Advanced File Sync and Share pack enables new services and revenue streams for MSPs, its release is also just a part of the regular monthly enhancements made to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud — ensuring that service providers can deliver the most complete and cutting-edge cyber protection possible.

Other improvements announced for July 2021 include:

  • Full support and integration with VMware vCloud Director: Cloud providers hosting with vCloud Director can now offer Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud’s full range of cyber protection capabilities, with no client-side deployment and per-tenant reports for flexible billing.
  • Proactive notifications after Microsoft 365 data recovery: Clients can react quickly with proactive notifications following the recovery or downloading of backed-up data on Microsoft 365.
  • “Restore Operator” role for Microsoft 365/Google Workspace: MSPs can protect client data and control accessibility when assigning the “Restore Operator” role, which allows the assignee to recover data on behalf of the client/user without providing access to the content.  
  • Advanced audit trail in eSignature certificate. Service providers can know the exact status of a document by viewing a detailed audit trail and tracing the flow of actions within the signature certificate.
  • Easily and selectively restore backed-up pictures and videos for Android 2.3.0: Save time by restoring only needed pictures or videos. Quickly and easily select multiple files, either manually or by date / sequence order.
  • Backup slice management for Android 2.3.0: MSPs can view, select, delete, or restore any mobile backup slices of their choice with intuitive slice management capabilities.
  • New third-party integrations: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integrates with commonly used RMM and PSA solutions, enabling service providers to build their offering around the tools that work for them. New integration support is now available for ConnectWise Command, Jamf Pro, CloudBlue PSA, and Matrix42.

For detailed information about the July 2021 update to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, view the complete release notes.

Final thought

Acronis continues to deliver new solutions and refinements that help our MSP partners to thrive while solving their clients’ modern security needs. With the Advanced File Sync and Share pack and additional enhancements, service providers are well-positioned to strengthen their offering and help clients to understand the value being provided.

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