Device Sense™: Discover, identify and protect all devices in clients’ networks

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for Service Providers

In today’s hyperconnected world, managing and securing network devices can be overwhelming. MSPs often struggle with insufficient visibility of all devices connected to the client’s network, leading to security vulnerabilities, inefficient operations and missing compliance with industry regulations and client internal policies. The lack of visibility makes it challenging to identify all devices within a client’s network, including everything from laptops and servers to routers, firewalls and access points. Manual device tracking is prone to errors, resulting in outdated inventories. Additionally, slow manual device detection and response can lead to prolonged security incidents and increased damage, highlighting the need for a better, more advanced solution.

Introducing Device Sense™

To address these challenges, we are excited to introduce Device Sense™, our newest technology that redefines how MSPs manage their clients' networks. It is designed to discover, identify and protect every device within a client’s network. With its dual scanning system — continuous, passive and active, on-demand scanning — Device Sense™ offers unparalleled visibility and control, ensuring compliance and efficiency, and enhancing your and your clients’ security posture.

It enables MSPs to:

  • Discover all devices, from servers and workstations to smartphones, tablets and network devices such as routers, switches and printers.
  • Identify these devices by gaining detailed information about them, ensuring accurate and informative inventory management.
  • Protect all workloads immediately and at scale by installing agents and applying protection plans.

Its dual scanning technology consists of:

  • Continuous passive scanning for a complete and fresh list of all devices.
  • On-demand active scanning to gather in-depth data about these devices.

Enhancing visibility, compliance and efficiency

Device Sense™ delivers substantial benefits that MSPs can leverage to enhance their clients' network management. Enhanced visibility translates into stronger security and compliance, crucial in today’s cybersecurity environment. Automated device discovery and inventory management relieve MSPs from the burdens of manual audits and compliance, freeing up time for more strategic activities.

The ability to recognize every device on a client's network means MSPs can offer more expansive and tailored services, potentially increasing revenue per client. Accurate knowledge of the network scope allows for optimized resource allocation, leading to cost savings and better staffing efficiency. Moreover, MSPs can remotely manage devices, installing agents and applying management plans en masse, which significantly streamlines operations.

End clients benefit from an improved security posture and adherence to compliance standards as Device Sense™ continuously monitors their networks. They enjoy hassle-free asset tracking that keeps device inventories up to date automatically. Furthermore, proactive protection measures ensure early detection and resolution of potential issues, preventing disruptions and enhancing overall systems reliability.

Beyond discovery: A full suite of features

Device Sense™ includes a plethora of features designed to comprehensively manage network environments:

  • Dual scanning: Utilizes both passive and active scanning to ensure all devices are discovered and accurately identified.
  • Network device discovery: Effortlessly discover all network devices, including servers, workstations and network hardware.
  • Prevention of scanning in noncorporate networks: Avoid scanning in home or noncorporate environments, ensuring relevant and compliant discovery. 
  • Inventory management: Gain details about each device, ensuring precise and informative inventory records. 
  • Remote agent installation: Install Acronis agents on discovered Windows machines remotely, enabling immediate protection and management. 
  • Application of protection plans: Apply protection, monitoring and management plans at scale to registered machines. 
  • Detailed reporting: Generate comprehensive reports on discovered devices, aiding in accurate network management and compliance.

A closer look

In this screenshot, you can see how to configure the passive device discovery settings:


Once passive scanning is complete, you can browse the discovered devices. To gather detailed information about the devices in the network, go to Devices → Discovered Devices → Local Network screen and click on Run Active Scan:


Below, you can explore the possible post-discovery actions: remotely install Acronis agents, register the workloads, and apply protection, monitoring and remote management plans to them:


Lastly, the following image shows what a "Discovered Devices" report looks like:


Learn more about how Device Sense™ works by watching this short demo video: 

Conclusion: Your next step towards advanced network management

Device Sense™ is more than just a set of tools — it's a critical enhancement for any MSP committed to improving their service delivery and operational efficiency. As client networks evolve and expand, having a solution that can keep up with and adapt to these changes is invaluable. Best of all, Device Sense™ comes as part of the standard Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud license, so there are no additional costs involved.

For existing Acronis partners, explore the capabilities of Device Sense™ by following the documentation guidelines provided here. If you are not yet a partner, start your journey to superior network management by signing up for a free trial at Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. Discover how Device Sense™ can transform your approach to network management and ensure comprehensive protection for your clients' devices.

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