HIPAA-compliant disaster recovery: The future of health care data protection

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Why disaster recovery (DR) is vital for health care

In the health care sector, the margin for error is virtually nonexistent, especially when it comes to data management and protection. As digitization accelerates, data becomes the cornerstone of effective patient care. According to a report by the Ponemon Institute, health care data breaches can cost up to $6.5 million on average, a staggering 60% higher than other industries. Moreover, downtime or lack of access to crucial patient information can significantly hamper medical treatments, with potentially life-altering consequences.

What makes data management in health care so challenging?

·       Variety of data types and sources: Health care organizations often juggle a wide variety of data types and sources, including legacy systems, which can make consistent data management cumbersome.

·       Evolving threats and ransomware: With cyberthreats constantly evolving, including sophisticated ransomware attacks, health care facilities are always at high risk of data breaches.

·       Resource limitations: Many health care providers operate under strict budget constraints, leaving limited resources for data management and cybersecurity.

·       Low tolerance for downtime: The high-stakes nature of health care means that there is very low tolerance for system downtime, making effective disaster recovery indispensable.

Key components of Acronis Advanced Disaster Recovery

Acronis is proud to introduce Advanced Disaster Recovery, designed to support health care applications, that complements our other established, HIPAA-compliant backup solutions.

·       HIPAA compliance and peace of mind: Acronis Advanced Disaster Recovery is fully compliant with HIPAA requirements, ensuring that your sensitive patient data is handled with the required utmost care. Your health care institution can now achieve total data resilience without compromising patient confidentiality.  

·       Fortified security architecture: With robust data encryption in transit and at rest, multilayered access controls, and secure data centers, your data is protected from cyberthreats and unauthorized access in the Acronis Cloud. 

·       Integrated cyber protection: Acronis Advanced Disaster Recovery is fully integrated with our trusted, HIPAA-compliant backup, offering a unified platform for easier management and quicker recoveries as well as endpoint security and management solutions to prevent any possible incident with your data. 

·       Complete protection for all your workloads: Acronis protects more than 30 workload types with one single, simple console, so you don’t have to manage point solutions for different workloads and cut your protection costs. 

·       Less downtime and data loss: Acronis Advanced Disaster Recovery guarantees minimal recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs). Validate your disaster recovery plans without affecting your production environment. Acronis ensures malware-free recoveries and avoids reinfection by failing over to a malware-free recovery point. 

How medical institutions benefit from using Acronis

·       Simplicity and lower costs: With its intuitive interface and seamless integration capabilities, Acronis’ DR solution simplifies complex data management tasks, thus lowering operational costs.

·       Better protection against any threat: The fortified security architecture ensures robust protection against evolving cyberthreats, including ransomware, providing a comprehensive cybersecurity solution.

·       Less downtime: Our low RTO guarantees minimal downtime, enabling health care providers to focus more on patient care and less on data recovery.

Acronis Advanced Disaster Recovery is not just about compliance. It's about instilling a sense of security and trust among health care providers and patients alike. By offering simplicity, superior protection and less downtime, we empower health care organizations to safeguard their most important asset — patient data — so that they can continue to deliver quality care, uninterrupted.

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