November 1, 2016 — Acronis
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How Do You Create the World’s Fastest Backup?

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According to the latest findings by an independent testing lab, Acronis Backup 12 is up to two times faster than the leading competitor, as well as the other well-known vendor. So how does one vendor create a solution that is so much faster than others in creating backups and performing recoveries? It’s a simple three-ingredient recipe.

Step 1: Technologies and Innovations

First, you need to invent a good amount of high-quality technologies – like live disk imaging backup, recovery to dissimilar hardware, Acronis Instant Restore™, and so on. Don’t forget to apply for and get 100+ data protection technology patents. Remember the quality – innovative data protection know-how can be extremely complex, yet have to be delivered to customers via an easy-to-use interface.

To achieve this feat you may need a team of hundreds of highly skilled engineers, who spend days and nights creating and delivering the cutting-edge data protection. You may need to re-architect your entire solution a few times, rebuild the code, break the established rules and destroy boundaries. You need to reassess the market, and implement a new Hybrid Cloud vision, adding a sprinkle of mobile devices and internet-of-things (IoT).

Once you have millions of lines of code ready, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Markets and Customers

Products are nothing without customers. You need to gain trust of 500,000+ businesses and 5,500,000+ consumers. To do this – go to 145+ countries, speak 20+ languages, and talk to 32,000+ partners, 300+ OEMs, and 800+ service providers.

Listen to all your customers and partners, get their feedback — and enhance, improve, and perfect your solution for 13+ years. Make sure to support at least 15 platforms – including cloud workloads, virtual hypervisors, physical systems, endpoints, and mobile devices.

Remember that your customers have put their trust in you. Focus on security and safety of your solution, reliability of encryption, and dependability of your cloud storage.

Step 3: Deliver the Excellence

Now you should have everything in place to create the world’s fastest backup. And don’t forget presentation – you have to make an easy-to-use touch-friendly web interface that can be installed in no more than three clicks!


This is how you make the world’s easiest and fastest backup – Acronis Backup 12.

Now it’s time for you to taste it – don’t delay and get a trial version!

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