How Motorsport Sponsorship Can Drive Your Business and Your Brand


Sponsoring a sports team can be beneficial for your company but you need to choose your sport wisely to get the most traction for your brand, your products, partners, clients, and employees.

Choosing motorsports as a field of sponsorship is not for the faint-hearted.  It is all about speed, precision, fast innovative technical evolution, strong team spirit and determination. So, if this is what your company stands for, joining the motorsports circus is the right spot for you.

The highest class and level of motorsports is still Formula 1, which has dominated this sport segment for decades, lead by such innovative racing teams as Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull. So, sponsoring a Formula One race team brings a lot of excitement and challenges and it can surely build your business, because it is all about emotionalizing your brand.

Formula 1 is all about competition

Welcome to the real world. In our business – backup and data protection with hybrid cloud architecture – we feel the competition every day. We need to strive and stay alert to be ahead of our competitors. Slowing down is not an option. Giving up is not an option. Waiting to react is not an option. Neither in the data protection business nor in the world of Formula 1. Race! Fight! Act!

By giving your name (and money) and – as in our case – your product to a F1 racing team underlines your position as fast, innovative and determined company — be it as a solution provider for users or for partners.

Formula 1 is all about speed, precision and innovative technology

The first F1 cars looked very different from what they are now and the heart of the car – the engine and technology – have undergone a huge metamorphosis going from rather robust mechanical wonders to highly responsive, fine-tuned, agile super cars that use more computer technology than many other sports. A race cannot be won without the cutting edge technology that not only meets the regulations of F1 but also brings just enough performance and innovation to leave the competition behind.

As a sponsor of such a team you are perceived as innovative and trend setting technology company that always goes an extra mile to help their customers reach their goals. It sets you apart from your competitors.

Scuderia Toro Rosso Team at work in the pit lane at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan this weekend. (Both images: Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool)

Scuderia Toro Rosso Team at work in the pit lane at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan this weekend. (Both images: Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool)

Formula 1 is all about teamwork

During the Formula 1 season it is not just about who’s first on the winner’s podium but also about the overall performance of the team. The team can also win the Constructor's Championship each season. And to win the season either on or off the racetrack, team members must work closely together, trusting each other’s expertise and backing each other up. Mutual respect, passion, support, and the will to give your best, creates a strong bond between the team members.

With this in mind, sponsoring a F1 race team shows partners, clients and employees your business mindset. Having the same goals, working hard to achieve objectives and trusting in all people involved is the message you portray. Furthermore, leveraging the sponsorship for hospitality events, be it for clients, partners, employees and press, illustrates that you appreciate their work efforts. Enjoying this particular pleasure of a F1 event creates another strong bonding on a more personal level, outside business environment.

Formula 1 is all about determined individuals

Teamwork is important but each team is made out of individuals, and each individual is very important in shaping the collective success. So the will, determination, passion, performance, and mindset of each individual is absolutely critical. Focus is the key for success in motorsport as it is in business. One individual and their output can be the crucial factor to make the win. Hence, pushing yourself to the limits and beyond and being a role model is essential.

Sponsoring young drivers expresses your support for talented, motivated and striving individuals such as yourself. Be determined, be strong, be focused – be the leading role model for the values you stand for.

Sponsoring motorsports in a speedy summary

So, sponsoring is not just about handing out your money. It is engaging in a powerful relationship with mutual trust. It shouts your message loud and clear without you beating about the bush. It is emotional, it is passionate, and it is fast. It is another world that you connect to your business. It adds emotion to your brand.

And as we enjoy replays of some dramatic F1 racing scenes, here is a quick summary of the main benefits of sponsoring a motorsport team:

  • Enhancing Image and Shaping Consumer Attitude
  • Driving Sales
  • Heightening Visibility and Creating Positive Publicity
  • Differentiating from Competitors
  • Enhancing Business, Consumer, and Employee Relations

Now fasten your seat belt and get your business on the fast track!

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