July 11, 2018 — Acronis
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Meet the World-class Stars of the Data Protection Team

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With just one match to go, getting tickets to the cup championship in Russia this Sunday is as difficult as blocking a shot by Harry Kane. Whether you're hoping to catch a French win or want to see another Croatian upset, if you’re at the event you know that your digital media will be your record of the festivities.

With mobile devices becoming a new attack vector, fans need to secure all their information with an artificial intelligence based data protection option that rivals the top players who appeared in the 2018 tournament.

Smishing: The Mobile Malware Mbappé

Whether you entered the tournament rooting for Messi or Ronaldo, now you're rooting for France's young, agile Mbappe who whizzes through defenders using his lethal heel-kick to fake-out the opposing team and lead his to victory.  

Hackers similarly use fake-outs to target mobile phones using third-party apps. With smishing, attackers use text messages to trick users into either responding with personal information or clicking on a link that downloads malware onto a cellular phone or mobile device. This attack vector scores your information by getting through traditional defenses.

By placing malware into third-party applications, hackers insert programs onto mobile devices, both Android and iOS platforms. Protecting against this new malware requires incorporating a data recovery solution that provides mobile backup recovery. If you’re traveling, storing a copy of your mobile backup in the cloud is critical, since it ensures you can access your backup remotely and restore your information in the event of an emergency.

You remember to take more than one credit card with you on vacation to protect against being stranded without banking access. In the same way, you want to have an on-the-go mobile device backup and restore solution that keeps you from being stranded without contacts or other critical data on your device.

Reliable Backup and Recovery: Passing Information Like Modric

Currently considered the best midfielder in the world, Luke Modric leads in passing accuracy, duel wins, and interceptions proving his value as both offensive and defensive player. Reliable backup software that also provides a mobile backup assistant is your data midfielder.

A reliable backup and recovery solution needs to allow continuous online backup and provide mobile access. Syncing information between your computers, mobile devices, and cloud storage enables you to ensure that your information remains accessible no matter where you are.

Just as when passing the ball, it’s important that the transferring data takes a safe, secure route so it won’t get intercepted. That’s why it’s important to have your data protected by top-shelf encryption both when it is in transit to the cloud and when it’s in storage off-site.

And while sharing your memories to Facebook and Instagram sounds like a backup, the unfortunate truth is that accounts get hacked or accidentally deleted frequently. Keeping a backup of your social media accounts is a smart play – protecting those memories of Moscow safe.

Machine Learning: Your Data Pickford

Keeper Jordan Pickford's amazing saves against Columbia blasted across social media, but his first clean sheet against Sweden proved that communicating with the defensive line is more important. A coordinated, informed defense is critical, and your championship photos (and all your meaningful memories) require the same kind of proactive protection.

A goalkeeper watches for patterns in offensive players. And just as teams review game tape to train for the next match, artificial intelligence can help prepare your system for the next ransomware attack. By analyzing hundreds of thousands of malicious and legitimate computer processes, AI makes it possible to build machine learning models that can recognize good actions from potential attacks – allowing the defense to step up and stop the threat.

Acronis True Image: Your World Class Protection Team

Having a backup of your mobile device data is as important as being able to access your home backup on the road. That way you still have your photos and memories of the Moscow tournament even if your smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen on the way home.

You need a teammate with agility and experience, and Acronis True Image provides you with a full complement of striker, midfielder, and goalie to ensure all your data remains secure. With reliable mobile backup, convenient anywhere access, and the industry’s only AI-based defense against ransomware, you can be sure your data, apps, systems and tournament memories will be completely safe.

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