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We’re pleased that Hallett Retail Ltd. in London have signed up with nScaled. They help demonstrate that the issues driving the adoption of cloud solutions – growing amounts of data to manage, the need for greater agility – are a global phenomenon and not just an issue in the US. Here’s their story.

Hallett has been growing exponentially and in the last year has seen more than 50% year-on-year growth in their number of people and concessions. In just four years it has gone from zero to 14 servers. They had been using tape backup but backup windows were increasing due to the size of the data and the business was not comfortable with backup windows going beyond 12 hours.

Allied to this was a concern within the business about the recovery times from tape backups and the impact any downtime would have on their business. Hallett had previously looked at putting in place a disaster recovery (DR) solution, but felt that it was beyond their budget. The lack of a DR solution was a concern to them.

Hallett was looking for a solution that would provide them with the capability to recover their whole environment, all 14 servers, quickly, in the event of a disaster. A day’s downtime was deemed unacceptable and they wanted a recovery time objective (RTO) of no more than two hours. With those targets, rebuilding their servers from scratch after a disaster was not an option.

In addition to these requirements, it was important for them to be able to manage the solution themselves, that it was scalable, and that the solution be able to provide failback within similar target times. As a UK company, it was critical that the solution be able to provide them with the assurance that their data would only reside within the UK and that they would continue to be in compliance with their obligations under data protection regulations.

Hallett ended up selecting nScaled’s Disaster Recovery service for these reasons:

  • Easily met RTO goals, as well as providing short RPO
  • No upfront expense, subscription service billing
  • Hybrid architecture provided for the option of local recovery and cloud recovery
  • Assurance that their data would never leave the UK

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