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In today’s installment to review with you the nScaled console I present a recent update we made that begins to surface important data about what you have purchased and are using, the “data growth” widget and how much data you are sending and receiving to and from your business continuity site over time with the “Data Center Connectivity” widget.

On the left in the screenshot above you can clearly see how much capacity you have pre-purchased from nScaled for the purposes of storing your business continuity data.  Recall that with nScaled business continuity data in the cloud is essentially the ability to recovery any file, folder, disk, or entire server at any point in time according to your defined retention schedule.

In the Data Growth widget I have highlighted two areas. The reserve capacity, is how much data you bought from nScaled in the cloud at a pre-negotiated (and discounted) price on a 1 year plan.  The other line shows how much data you are actually using at a given point in time.  We do not stop you from storing data above your reserve capacity but you will be billed each month for the amount over your reserve at the on-demand rate.

In the Data Center Connectivity Widget on the right you will see that I highlighted the data transfer peak over the last 24 hours.  What this graph is really useful for is keeping tabs on how much data you are sending and receiving to and from the cloud at any given time.  If you want to drill down into a point in time you can do that easily as well by just selecting the range you want.

Over time nScaled will be releasing more and more tools like these widgets that will enable our customers to have better data at all times about the health and facility of their business continuity deployment.

I am excited about the next one in particular!  So, stay tuned for more interesting releases.

Don’t forget that we’d love to hear from you too if you have thoughts or ideas.  You can find us at the following locations:



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