November 03, 2021 — Acronis

Summit Interview Series: Compliancy Group's Paul Redding

Acronis #CyberFit Summit

The host of The Business of Tech podcast, Dave Sobel, interviewed VP of Partner Engagement and Cybersecurity at the Compliancy Group Paul Redding during the Acronis #CyberFit Miami Summit in October 2021 and discussed the opportunities and challenges IT providers face with compliance.

Redding explains that IT providers throw tools at the compliance situation, thinking that when a breach occurs, they have done their job to protect their client. However, many breaches occur because of a people problem – someone did something wrong that opened the organization up to the breach. This is where compliance comes into play.

Redding goes on to explain how compliance is unique to each industry and with the proliferation of sensitive data, most companies will be dealing with compliance in some form as the future unfolds. He also discusses how MSPs suffer from a lack of staff and can work with third-party organizations to fill the gap. Redding comments, “Just like an organization can hire a virtual CIO, MSPs can also hire a virtual compliance officer.”

Acronis kicked off the Acronis #CyberFit Summit World Tour in Miami, Florida with subsequent hybrid events in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, Dubai and Singapore.

If you missed the Miami Summit, all keynotes and sessions are now available on demand -

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