March 31, 2020 — Acronis

Virtual Machine Management and Administration

Cyber Protect Cloud

Experience simple processing with faster results to create and manage your VM lifecycle

Store Virtual Machines in Your Library

• Rapidly provision your workloads. Create virtual machines from VM templates and attach files like VHD, VHDX and ISOs. The days of creating each VM manually are over.

• Convert existing VMs to templates. This saves time and energy by storing the same settings for later use.

• Clone and reuse VM copies to avoid the pain of manually creating them over and over again.

Full-Range Summary Dashboard

• User-friendly dashboard displays the status of your resources in one place.

• Easily analyze vital VM information gathered from each of your hosts on one, easy-to-use platform.

• From datacenter-level clusters to individual VMs, Acronis identifies errors immediately.

• Get a bird’s-eye-view perspective on everything within your environment.


Monitor Your Event Logs in One Place

• Display your Hyper-V event log from all of your hosts in one centralized view.

• Solve your problems faster by analyzing all of your hosting errors in one place.

• Virtual switch connections and adapters centralize your Hyper-V event logs to save you time.