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While the power of remote work is strong, having research and development (R&D) facilities around the world enables you to attract the top talent and put them together in a place that’s equipped to let them create the next big thing. That’s why Acronis just opened a new office in Herzliya, Israel.

The new office, which was officially opened on June 23, will focus on conducting cybersecurity research and development. The office will also enable Acronis to empower partners in the region – both current and new cloud partners – with local sales and marketing, technical, and educational support.

The Israeli office also expands the global network of Acronis Cyber Protection Operations Centers (CPOCs). 

Investing in cyber protection R&D in Israel

In addition to announcing a five-year plan to invest around $80 million into the country, Acronis plans to recruit more than 100 engineers, scientists, and cybersecurity professionals for the new Herzliya office.  

This the company’s latest in a series of expansion moves in the region. At the end of 2020, Acronis acquired the Israeli cybersecurity firm CyberLynx Security. Then, in April, Acronis opened a new data center in Israel.

Acronis’ growing presence in Israel is the fact the country is a center of cybersecurity expertise and talent. As a result, the company plans to establish one of the largest R&D centers in the world focused on security in the new location.

Acronis CEO Serg Bell opens new office in Israel

“Acronis' strategic move into Israel reflects the fact this region will play a major role in our future success and we have tremendous trust in the talent of the Israeli high-tech industry,” said Serg Bell, CEO and founder of Acronis. “This new Israeli center will be at the forefront of cyber protection research and development, becoming one of the key sites in our international network of research centers, alongside our Swiss, Singaporean, Bulgarian, and North American locations.”

The new office was opened just weeks after Acronis secured a $250 million funding round, some of which will be directed to recruit staff for the Israeli office and support regional partners.

Local leadership, local involvement

Heading the new office will be General Manager Gili Moller, who brings over 15 years’ experience in R&D and product management in Israel-based technology companies.

“Acronis is committed to setting the standard for modern cyber protection, which merges cybersecurity and data protection into one solution,” said Moller. “Our team in Israel will now be at the heart of that revolution, as we provide partners and customers with a single solution that covers all five stages of their protection – prevention, detection, response, recovery, and forensics.”

As Acronis looks to hire more than 100 local cybersecurity professionals, the company plans to establish workforce pipeline initiatives, R&D collaboratives, and training and mentoring programs with local businesses and the top Israeli universities.

Keep in mind: If you are reading this in Israel or you are eligible to work in Israel, a list of the positions Acronis is looking to fill at the new office is available here.

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