Is Your Data Covered in a Multi-Hypervisor World? Q&A With Acronis' Sam Roguine

It's every IT pro's job to stay on top of the latest technology trends that could help turn a profit or increase employee productivity. Virtualization is so commonplace — Gartner, for example, estimates that Windows servers are nearly 70 percent virtualized — that IT pros might not give it much thought. And that can create problems since virtual data must be protected, starting with the driving force behind virtualization: the hypervisor. 

Here, Sam Roguine, Asia-Pacific engineering director at Acronis, discusses why IT pros neglect to back up the hypervisor, how that puts company data at risk and the need for technology to solve the migration and disaster recovery challenges in a multi-hypervisor world. Are you covered?

Protecting Digital Memories Is as Easy as '3-2-1': Q&A with Acronis' Nat Maple

Few people would risk leaving big-ticket purchases such as a home or new car uninsured — even if they could. One flood, fire or accident could mean financial ruin. Most people, however, aren't so risk averse when it comes to their personal data.  

BCP to MPTOD: The Data Backup Acronyms You Need to Know Now

As if IT leaders didn't have enough to worry about. On top of protecting corporate data 24/7, they've got a head-spinning array of acronyms to master — and knowing that a strong BCP can minimize RTO and RPO is just the beginning.

Fear not. This cheat sheet of key data backup acronyms will provide any harried IT leader with the language mastery he needs to succeed that no Webster's Dictionary ever could.

At the Top: BIA

Infographic: The Odds of Losing Your Data

Here's a pop quiz. Today is:

(a) National Kazoo Day

(b) Rattlesnake Round-Up Day

(c) Data Privacy Day

VMware’s acquisition this week of AirWatch is the latest example of the fuzzy distinction between mobility and the cloud. And that's not the half of it. It's harder than ever to determine where personal data ends and work data begins — or what boundary will fall next.  

Here's a look at this week's stories on on the blurred lines between mobility and the cloud, what IT buyers expect from cloud investments, how to craft that perfect BYOD policy and more: 

1. What the VMware’s / AirWatch Acquisition Means for Mobility 

3 Simple Tips to Prepare for a New Year of Data

It’s time for a new year and a fresh start. In 2014, why not resolve to take better care of your data? As you begin to use any new devices you may have received for the holidays and continue to depend on your old ones, how you store and protect your data is important. Follow these three tips and tricks from Acronis to extend your devices’ lifecycles and get the most out of your technology.

1. Back It Up

A 9-Step New Year’s Data Detox

This time of year, everyone’s starting to think about how to shed the extra baggage incurred by drinking too much eggnog and eating too much pie. But there’s another area prone to bloat that we should all be thinking about targeting: our devices.

While a juice cleanse might leave you glowing, and a personal trainer might help you finally get those six-pack abs, a data detox could help you start the new year organized, secure and at peace with your files. Here’s how to do a 9-step data detox:

1. Put Folders to Good Use

3 Tips to Utilize the Best Shopping Day (and save some cash)

What is the best day to acquire those key tech tools this holiday season? Most would say, ‘well, Christmas because Santa knows exactly what I want.’ Not quite, it would be Boxing Day! For those of you in non-Commonwealth connected countries, Boxing Day is a shopper’s dream holiday that comes on December 26.

4 Steps Back Up Your Holiday Memories (Before It’s Too Late)

The holiday season is upon us once again! It’s a time for family and friends to gather, exchange presents and laughs and make lasting memories. But it’s easy to forget, as you’re snapping photos and making videos, that all of those precious moments could disappear in a flash. Slipping on ice and dropping your phone onto the pavement, sipping hot cocoa on your laptop, or accidentally placing your digital camera into a bowl of eggnog could lead to disastrous results. But never fear! To help you keep all of those cherished memories safe for years to come, here are a few tips from Acronis:

The Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Data Safe

Every year we create more data than the year before. If you can believe it, 90 percent of the data in the world today was created in the last two years alone. IBM has estimated that our current daily creation rate is 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. IDC projects that the digital universe will reach 40 zettabytes (ZB) by 2020, which is 50 times larger than the digital universe at the beginning of 2010.