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Acronis Files Connect 10.5
(formerly ExtremeZ-IP)

Resolve Mac-Windows incompatibillities when integrating Mac users into your Windows network.

  • Seamless access to Windows Servers and NAS devices
  • Secure file access for mobile users (iOS, Android and Windows)
  • No end users training required
  • Install on your Windows server in minutes
  • No Mac client software required
  • Reduced help desk calls by up to 80%

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1. Select number of clients:

This online purchase is for a single-server perpetual license (it does not include Network Reshare*). A single “client” supports 1 Mac computer and 1 mobile device user (up to 3 mobile devices per user) connected to your Windows Network.

3 clients$795
10 clients$1,495
25 clients$1,995
50 clients$2,995
100 clients$4,495
Unlimited Clients$6,995

2. Select the number of years of support:Includes support & maintenance services, major & minor updates, hot fixes, and any upgrades released during the term of your coverage.

1 yearN/A
2 yearsN/A
3 yearsFree
1 yearFree
2 years$374
3 years$748
1 yearFree
2 years$499
3 years$998
1 yearFree
2 years$749
3 years$1,498
1 yearFree
2 years$1,124
3 years$2,248
1 yearFree
2 years$1,749
3 years$3,498
*The Network Reshare feature allows Macs to use AFP to access files on other Windows servers/NAS devices through a single Files Connect Server. This feature is only available with a yearly subscription (not a perpetual license). To purchase, please contact us.