Files Connect
Eliminate Mac to Windows compatibility issues

Acronis Files Connect is an AFP file-sharing and full-content search solution that runs on your Windows server and enables you to seamlessly connect to and search Windows and NAS files.

Discover how peers have benefited
  • TTS Group
    Case study
    TTS Group solves Mac connectivity challenge with Acronis Files Connect

    Accurate file and folder searches cut from 10 minutes to two seconds

  • SGS Packaging
    Case study
    SGS Packaging Europe gains seamless Mac/Windows integration

    Acronis Files Connect helps UK packaging pros save time and money while focusing more on their core business

  • Malmberg expands Mac/Windows accessibility
    Case study
    Malmberg expands Mac/Windows accessibility, accelerates productivity

    Dutch educational publisher responds to growing need for storage and accessibility with Acronis Files Connect

Seamless integration

  • AFP and SMB connections and search of file shares

    AFP and SMB connections and search of file shares

    Connect to, and mount, file shares on Windows file servers and NAS as native AFP volumes or via SMB protocol
  • Real-time granular search index updates

    Real-time granular search index updates

    Continuously monitors for changes in file shares and granularly updates search index, affecting only recently changed files, even when indexing remote content on other file servers or NAS
  • Full content Spotlight searching

    Full content Spotlight searching

    Link Mac Spotlight to a server-site index that seamlessly integrates with the native Windows Search service or a built-in Acronis content indexer
  • Smart handling of Windows URL shortcuts

    Smart handling of Windows URL shortcuts

    Convert Windows .URL shortcuts to Mac alias with Volume Properties
  • Intelligent handling of archived files

    Intelligent handling of archived files

    Detect and omit file system archiving ‘stub’ files from search indexing, allowing Spotlight search to be enabled for a file share, even if it is managed by a HSM / file system archiving solution
  • DFS Connect

    DFS Connect

    Publish your DFS Namespace to Mac users via the Mac client application
All features

Acronis Files Connect

Empower Mac users in your Windows environments

Works on multiple systems


  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2019


    • macOS 10.7 or later

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      Frequently asked questions

      • How does AFP file sharing work?

        Network Reshare allows Acronis Files Connect AFP file volumes to give access to folders located on other servers and NAS devices on your network. Mac clients continue to connect to Acronis Files Connect by using the standard AFP file-sharing protocol, while Acronis Files Connect utilizes the SMB/CIFS file-sharing protocol to access files that are requested by Mac users from remote servers and NAS systems. By doing so, Mac users retain all the benefits of AFP file sharing and nearly instant Network Spotlight full-content search, while gaining access to resources that have traditionally only been available through SMB/Windows file sharing.

      • Will Acronis Files Connect recognize clustered configurations?

        Acronis Files Connect is a cluster-aware application that can be run on active/active clustered configurations. You set up an Acronis Files Connect cluster using Microsoft Cluster Servers (MSCS) – specially linked servers running the Microsoft Cluster Service. Multiple instances of Acronis Files Connect can run on a single server node. The configuration of multiple virtual servers provides server consolidation and load management benefits. Running multiple instances of Acronis Files Connect on a server node provides high reliability because each instance runs in isolation from the others.

      • How do I upgrade?

        As long as you have an active maintenance contract, you can use your current license keys to download the Acronis Files Connect upgrade installer from the Acronis website here. Follow the instructions and in six easy steps you’ll be up and running with the new version.
        If you don’t have an active maintenance contract, but wish to benefit from the new features, and your contract expired within the past two years, you may purchase a maintenance renewal. This will enable you to keep current with free updates for the duration of the new contract.
        If your maintenance contract expired more than two years ago, please contact Acronis sales to discuss your upgrade options.

      • How is DFS supported in the Enterprise License Program (annual subscription) licensing option?

        Acronis Files Connect subscription (ELP) licenses include our Network Reshare feature, which can be used to give AFP access to the root of a DFS namespace. This option presents the namespace as one AFP file share, so the user only has to connect to this single AFP share, which displays that contents of the DFS namespace. They can then browse into any DFS target share, similar to the DFS browsing experience on Windows.

      • What types of licenses can I order and how?

        To order “Cluster Server,” “Enterprise License Program,” an Annual Subscription, or “Education” licenses, please contact our sales team.

      • How many Mac and mobile clients can connect to my Acronis Files Connect server?

        Your Acronis Files Connect license includes a specific client count. As an example, you might own a 100-client license for Acronis Files Connect. This license will permit 100 Mac computers to connect to the server and access file shares. It will also allow 100 mobile users to connect to the server and access these same file shares. There is a separate pool of licenses for these two types of clients. So, with a 100-client license, you could have 90 Mac computers and 75 mobile users connected to your Acronis Files Connect server. A “mobile user” is defined as one named user and that user is allowed to connect up to three mobile devices to the server. If they have a phone and a tablet, they can use both with no problem and only use one mobile client license.

        Product help

        In case you have any difficulties, we have collected all the useful materials for this product in our Knowledge Base and Documentation.

        Technical support

        Customers with active product maintenance or subscription are entitled to 24/7 technical support. Follow the instructions at the Technical Support Site to get prompt support by phone, chat or e-mail.

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