October 18, 2018
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Loongung, Tanzania, 18 October 2018 - Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection and hybrid cloud solutions currently celebrating its 15-year anniversary,congratulates the Loongung community in Tanzania with the opening of a new school, providing education opportunities for more than 500 children living in the village.

The school was fully funded by Acronis, constructed in partnership with the Acronis Foundation and German-based non-profit organisation Fly & Help, and donated to the community. The community will hire their own teachers to cater for the increased number of students who now have thenecessary tools and resources to gain access to more opportunities.

Loongung is a town in Simanjiro district with more than 3,000 inhabitants. Prior to the Acronis school, there was no school in town - the nearest school was 21 km away in the nearby Looltepes. Children could not attend the school because it was far away and parents had no capacity to take their children to school every day.

Education is the best tool someone can use to change their life or to get out of a difficult situation. Acronis established the Acronis Foundation strongly believing that knowledge should be available to all. The Acronis Foundations' Schools Initiative builds schools that meet the unique needs of each community and helps children take the first step on the path to opportunity.

The Acronis Foundation was created in honor of Acronis' 15-year anniversary and the company's founding principle that all evils are caused by insufficient knowledge. The Acronis Foundation supports multiple initiatives around the world designed to stimulate education in order to gain and protect knowledge.Constant learning, creating and protecting knowledge, and advancing technology are integral parts of Acronis' DNA. As a result, Acronis has been creating and sharing knowledge by funding schools, research, and training programs in communities around the world.

Acronis is looking forward to the next milestone which is taking place next month in Senegal; not only have Acronis' employees been involved in this project from the first day they also are physically implicated as 20 of them are traveling on their own free time to build the next school with their own hands during one week in November 2018.

"This new and exciting adventure starts here today and we hope that it will plant the seeds of opportunity for individuals, families, and the community," said John Zanni, president of the Acronis Foundation.

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