August 05, 2020
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Acronis Releases Hardened Backup Solution Specifically Designed to Meet the Unique Needs of Air-Gapped Networks

Radically reducing attack surfaces while delivering the highest standard of security, Acronis Cyber Backup SCS Hardened Edition keeps critical systems running with maximum operational assurance and data security through complete asset protection

SCHAFFHAUSEN, Switzerland, 05 August 2020 - Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, announced today the launch of Acronis Cyber Backup SCS Hardened Edition, a full disk image backup solution designed specifically for 'no internet' air-gapped networks. Based on the same code base as Acronis SCS' Department of Defense Information Network Approved Products List (DoDIN APL) certified solution, Acronis Cyber Backup SCS Hardened Edition delivers complete protection for critical assets and data across the most sensitive national security, industrial, and financial environments, including weapons testing sites, development labs, training simulators, deployed military elements, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and industrial control systems, and more.

The air-gap approach leveraged in this solution is a cybersecurity measure for securing a computer network by physically isolating it from other networks, such as the public internet or any other unsecured local area network. According to research from Cybersecurity Ventures, this adds an additional level of security against outside threats, including ransomware attacks, which are expected to strike every 11 seconds and reach $20 billion in damage costs by 2021.

With zero integration or outbound connection to online services, Acronis Cyber Backup SCS Hardened Edition radically reduces an environment's attack surface while minimizing the time IT teams spend addressing false alerts and failed outbound communications - common headaches when using a non-hardened solution in an air-gapped network. Acronis Cyber Backup SCS Hardened Edition features FIPS-validated encryption and RSA key generation, as well as Intel-pioneered, hardware-based random number generation methods to ensure maximum entropy.

Acronis Cyber Backup SCS Hardened Edition is Common Criteria certified with FIPS 140-2 certification in progress. Additionally, Acronis Cyber Backup SCS Hardened Edition has been reviewed and tested by multiple third parties, and its source code supply chain is managed through exact dependency mapping. It is a solution organizations can trust to provide reliable protection of mission critical assets and data without adding unnecessary complexity.

"Modern organizations are well aware that today's threat landscape is increasingly sophisticated and dangerous. For organizations in especially sensitive fields, dealing with especially sensitive data, informational security is not only important - it's essential," said Acronis Founder and CEO Serg Bell. "With our new hardened solution, these organizations gain the robust cyber protection capabilities that Acronis is known for, with specialized cybersecurity enhancements to ensure all of their workloads are protected."

This new hardened solution provides complete asset protection and preserves timely decision-making in the field and beyond by keeping critical systems up and running in the face of hardware failure, minimizing recovery times, providing the flexibility to restore standardized and unique images to field devices via a bootable media feature, and ensuring users can build, test, deploy, and protect complex integrated systems from one user-friendly management console.

"Unlike other backup and disaster recovery products on the market, Acronis Cyber Backup SCS Hardened Edition is designed specifically for air-gapped environments: eliminating the need for connectivity, integrations, outbound connections, or unnecessary access points that expand a network's attack surface," said Gaidar Magdanurov, Chief Cyber Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Acronis. "Beyond that, however, our new solution also streamlines backup and recovery operations. IT personnel can now regain hours of time they previously spent responding to failed connections and false alarms."

Performing repetitive yet crucial tasks on sensitive systems - like full disk image and file-level backup - is a daily reality for technical personnel operating in air-gapped environments across all high-secure businesses and government organizations. Security is paramount, considering backup solutions must touch everything in a network, from endpoints and storage to file shares and servers. With that in mind, Acronis Cyber Backup SCS Hardened Edition provides the exact capabilities highly specialized security personnel need to easily and securely perform these tasks on both legacy and modern systems - all at an affordable price point.

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