Cyber Infrastructure

Scale-out, cost-efficient and multi-purpose infrastructure solution for cyber protection

Cyber Infrastructure
  • Simple building blocks for IT consumption
    Simple building blocks for IT consumption
    Full virtualization of software-defined datacenter allows storage, compute and network to be easily configured for each application and run on industry-standard hardware.
  • Build for cyber protection
    Build for cyber protection
    Out of box infrastructure for data protection, replication, self-healing and fault-tolerance to fulfil security and compliance requirements.
  • Ease of management
    Ease of management
    Pre-configured monitoring dashboards and flexible management tools for services provisioning and monitoring of all software-defined infrastructure.
  • Support for hybrid-cloud deployments
    Support for hybrid-cloud deployments
    Provides best of both worlds and supports workloads in private or public clouds and helps maintain data integrity while increasing performance and keeping system and applications TCO low.

Highly available Software-Defined Compute

Experience enterprise-grade, high-performance virtualization which serves as an underlying technology for Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery.

  • Maintain full lifecycle control over your virtual machines
    Maintain full lifecycle control over your virtual machines
    Ability to run, stop, migrate, resize and access via console
  • Enjoy great guest OS support with high-performance drivers
    Enjoy great guest OS support with high-performance drivers
    Supports most recent versions of Windows, CentOS, Debian, RHEL, Ubuntu
  • Seamless operations and full control
    Seamless operations and full control
    Smart performance and storage policies, live migration and easy resource scheduling
  • Scale-up and scale-out
    Scale-up and scale-out
    As you grow and add additional hyper-converged nodes, you’ll see better performance and capacity, reliability and recovery speed. It is possible to have near-linear scalability for dozens of nodes in the cluster.

Universal software-defined storage

Get fast and scalable universal, software-defined storage that uses industry-standard hardware

  • Best backup destination
    Best backup destination
    Back up your data easily, efficiently and securely with seamless integration with Acronis Cyber Protection solutions. Replicate backup data to cloud services like Google
  • Acronis CloudRAID
    Acronis CloudRAID
    Solve any data-rebuild problems and get better protection and performance with managed overhead and load balancing.
  • Acronis Notary
    Acronis Notary
    Leverages the power of blockchain technology and provides immutable logging and watermarking that can be used to certify intellectual property assets as well as guarantee data
  • General purpose storage
    General purpose storage
    Store any type of corporate data and scale to petabytes should you require billions of entities in storage with optimized file storage that supports all modern NFS standards.
  • Object S3 storage
    Object S3 storage
    Scales to billions of objects and provides active-active geo-replication for S3 data between data centers. Objects stored can be verified for the authenticity with Acronis Notary immutable logging
  • Block storage
    Block storage
    Natively integrated with compute services and offers highly available and secure iSCSI access. For even greater performance it includes SSD caching, load balancing and fast path support for all Flash systems. Support for RDMA/InfiniBand also provides lower latency and decreases CPU load

Advanced management and monitoring

Manage systems with ease using built-in monitoring tools

  • High availability
    High availability
    Work confidently with a fault-tolerant architecture that has automatic self-healing of storage as well as data scrubbing. In addition to that ReadyKernel™ technology enables live patching of a running Linux kernel to prevent service downtime.
  • Great integration possibilities
    Great integration possibilities
    Integration with third party systems is possible via 100% compatible OpenStack APIs
  • Built-in Prometheus engine
    Built-in Prometheus engine
    Pre-integrated Prometheus engine and pre-configured Grafana dashboards shows service state, availability and performance, as well as network bandwidth, migration/replication backlog, memory, and CPU usage

Cyber Infrastructure

Scale-out, cost-efficient and multi-purpose infrastructure solution for cyber protection