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NIS 2 Directive on cybersecurity for MSPs

How service providers serving the E.U. can prepare for NIS 2

An update to the European Union’s NIS 2 Directive will present significant challenges to service providers in the E.U. With a looming October 14, 2024 deadline, broad adoption within the E.U. and influence beyond the E.U.’s borders, the update has important NIS 2 compliance implications for managed service providers (MSPs), IT service providers and the clients they serve.

This white paper explores the NIS 2 Directive, new requirements for service providers and recommendations for both complying with the NIS 2 Directive and leveraging the new laws to better serve clients and provide additional managed services.

Download the white paper to learn more about the NIS 2 Directive and how it will impact services providers.


·       A brief history of the NIS Directive.

·       An overview of the NIS 2 Directive.

·       Clauses and requirements for service providers.

·       Fines and consequences of non-compliance.

NIS 2 Directive on cybersecurity for MSPs