January 15, 2016
Case Studies

TTS Group solves Mac connectivity challenge with Acronis Files Connect

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TTS Group Limited is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality educational resources for schools and parents. Its award-winning products are extensively researched and commonly sourced from advisors, teachers, practitioners, and many others, whose number one priority is children.

TTS’s key challenge was for the Design Team, consisting of nine Mac users among 190 Windows users and nine servers all running Windows server OS to access enormous amounts of data. This data is comprised of many terabytes of photos, icons, Adobe files, and TTS product images used for the creation of thousands of catalog pages, posters, and packaging designs. These products and advertisements are aimed at attracting education professionals. 

Once Acronis Files Connect was put on the server and mounted as the shared Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) – which was easy – it enabled the simple cataloging of files and the design team had instant access to their files. Finding files on the AFP mounts is now practically instant. The team can now also work directly from the AFP share and not have to copy anything to their local Macs.

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