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Acronis Service Provider Support Guidelines

Acronis is committed to provide world-class customer service and support. English speaking technical support can be contacted by email and telephone seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

The Service Provider is responsible for Tier 1 support directly to its Resellers, Subresellers and/or End Users. During the Initial and subsequent Terms, Service Provider will receive support services from Acronis in accordance with the Acronis the below Support Guidelines.


As part of its onboarding, Acronis will offer Service Provider technical and commercial product trainings together with training on reporting and support- procedures. These mandatory free on-line trainings will be concluded with an exam to be passed by the partner to become an Acronis Certified Service Provider. The certification is valid for 18 months, all Acronis Certified Service Provider shall have a minimum of two individual certified employees.

For a period of 30 days after the contract is signed, Acronis provides support without limitation to the number of Incidents reported. During the next 11 months, support shall be limited to 20 Incidents per year (per conditions of a standard contract). An "Incident" shall be defined as a unique case for a one technical issue requiring Acronis support. For avoidance of doubt, if Service Provider submits multiple cases for several technical issues within one opened support ticket, each unique technical issue requiring assistance shall count as a separate Incident for the purposes of this Agreement.

In the event that Service Provider identifies and reports an incident that relates to a bug or error that has not been previously identified and documented by Acronis, Service Provider shall be entitled to either receive a support incident credit applied to their annual incident quota or a credit for paid incidents.

Non-Certified Service Provider will be charged a ticket fee for each opened support ticket, unless the event giving rise to the incident is a confirmed Platform or Product software defect.

Acronis reserves the right to introduce annual support and maintenance fees and change the support offerings.

Service Levels

Acronis is committed to the success of its Partners and understands the importance of responsiveness and fast resolution times in case of a technical error.

Acronis Support can change the severity of the incident, if it was not set reasonably.

SeverityResponse Time Target Temporary SolutionPermanent Resolution
Sev. A≤ 4 hours≤ 1 day15 business days
Sev. B≤ 4 hours≤ 2 days20 business days
Sev. C≤ 8 hours≤ 3 days30 days
Sev. D≤ 24 hoursn/aNext release

Acronis Support may require additional information related to environment or need you to perform tests to assist in the resolution of the issue. Service Provider’s prompt and full cooperation in providing any necessary information and performing necessary tests will influence meeting Acronis’ Service Level targets.

Your role as a Service Provider

Acronis expects its Service Providers to provide first line support to its Resellers, Subresellers and End Users. Service Provider needs to set branded support options in the product console. Acronis Support is therefore exclusively available for Service Provider.

It is recommended to have the latest update installed before reaching out to Support. The majority of all the reported issues in the product that have been previously reported may most likely have been fixed in the latest build. Initial releases are an exception.

What information should I gather before contacting Acronis Support?

Please have the following information available before contacting Acronis Technical Support:

Define the issue

  • Explain the symptoms of the issue;
  • Provide error messages or error output associated with the issue (if there is any);
  • Provide as many details related to the issue as possible, including steps to recreate the issue;
  • Define the desired action or outcome you want from the product;
  • Attach screen shots of the issue you are facing, if possible;

Determine the business impact

Please determine how this affects your system and your ability to meet your business needs.

Sev. ACritical: Backup Systems are down or non-operational in key aspects, e.g. Management Console is unavailable, Backup Creation/Backup Recovery, Data Loss, Unbootable/Crashing System, Significant Performance Degradation preventing backup core functions, causing critical disruption to business operations. No workaround available.
Sev. BHigh: Major product functionality doesn't work, e.g. Backup Creation/Backup Recovery, Deployment, Validation, Product Installation Failure, Account Activation issue, with critical time sensitivity, but with no massive or severe impact on business operations
Sev. CNormal: Product functionality is impacted, but most operations continue, e.g. Product Performance/Compatibility issues, Logging errors, Undocumented Behaviour, with moderate priority
Sev. DLow: Product functionality is not impacted. Customer service, pre-sales, website-related queries; minor usability, GUI issues; how-to questions, product information (functionality, requirements, setup, etc.) requests.

Gathering relevant information

  • Know the current product build number installed
  • Explain if the issue occurred before or if this is an isolated incident
  • Explain what occurred before the issue was detected
  • List the hardware, software or other environmental changes recently made to the system
  • Provide the proper contact information for Acronis Service Provider Support follow-up

Acronis Self-Service options

Acronis Customer Central (not exclusively for Acronis Service Providers) provides 24x7 access to Self-Service options that include:

  • Knowledge Base
    Acronis Knowledge base is a repository of thousands of articles about existing issues, frequently asked questions and step-by-step instructions on how to use our products. You can search by key words or choose articles from three categories: New Content, Updated Content, Most Used Content. You can also leave comments or feedback on any knowledge base article as well as vote on whether the content was helpful. This will allow Acronis to continuously improve the content for you.
  • User Guides

Acronis Product User guides help you find information on our products like, how the product works, what the system requirements are, how to install the product, basic features and functions of the product, and more. You can also download Data Sheets, Installation Guides, Quick Start Guide, Command Line References, Whitepapers, and IDC viewpoints there.

End-of-life (EOL) policy

Acronis will only support Product installations that are no older than two (2) prior released versions. Service Provider must update to the most up to date version of the Software within 6 months of its release.