How to Open Ports for Acronis Backup 12.5 Installation on Microsoft Azure

For every VM that you created, both Windows and Linux, you need to open five TCP ports. This will enable Acronis Backup clients to communicate with the main Acronis Backup Management Server.

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The five TCP ports are 25001, 7780, 9876, 9877, 445.

In Microsoft Azure, you just need to create “Endpoints.”

Go to the Azure dashboard and select your VM. You’ll see a settings overview page. Click “Endpoints” and then click “+ Add.


Remember the five endpoints we need to add: 25001, 7780, 9876, 9877, 445, all TCP protocol.

Enter them one at a time:

Name: a descriptive name you wish to use.
Protocol: TCP
Public port: 445
Private port: 445

Leave the rest as is. Click “OK.”


It takes about a minute for each Endpoint to be created. Be patient. When done, you’ll have your Endpoints looking similar to this: