Support Request Template for Service Providers

If a Partner cannot find a solution in Acronis User Guide, Knowledge Base or Forum, he or she should escalate the case to Acronis T2 Support by sending an email to MSP support e-mail address or submitting a case through Acronis Support page using the following template:

1. Customer cloud account name*: Login name used by the End User (for the account where issue is reproduced).

2. Pick the Severity*:

Sev 0
Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud incidents only. Recovery server in production cannot be used for production purposes.
Sev A
Business operations are down or non-operational. Multiple / all machines are affected.
Sev B
Major product or service feature affected. One/few machines are affected.
Sev C
Product or service is affected to a limited degree, with irregular behavior happening only under specific conditions.
Sev D
How-to; pre-sales; minor usability; GUI; questions about product functionality, requirements, setup

3. Subject*

4. Describe your request*

  • 4.1. Issue description, error message and affected machines names
  • 4.2. Step-by-step actions that lead to the issue
  • 4.3. Time/date when the issue occurred. Did it happen after upgrade or environment changes?
  • 4.4. Expected results

5. Additional information

  • 5.1. Which steps /KB articles you tried to resolve the issue.
  • 5.2. (for Acronis Cyber Infrastructure only) Remote access credentials for the affected storage cluster per the article


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