$260,000 $260,000 The cost of an hour of manufacturing downtime in lost profits, alone
Acronis Cyber Backup delivers the unique combination of reliability, simplicity, and savings required for complete cyber protection of your manufacturing infrastructure.
Acronis Cyber Backup delivers the unique combination of reliability, simplicity, and savings required for complete cyber protection of your manufacturing infrastructure.

Data protection doesn’t have to be a nemesis for manufacturers

  1. 1

    Unreliable protection

    Avoid prolonged production-line downtime or the total inability to restore your system with an advanced solution
  2. 2

    Costly downtime

    Bring back any system, anytime, from anywhere so quickly that no one on the production floor even knows there was a problem
  3. 3

    Incomplete backups

    Prevent harmful data protection gaps with wider backup windows and fewer computing resources needed to keep operating
  4. 4

    Complex orchestration

    Save significant man-hours by enabling IT admins to easily manage backup and recovery processes for your factory
  5. 5

    Malware exposure

    Protect your data, uptime, and performance from the sophisticated ransomware threats that confront your plant
  6. doc
    Solving Major Pain Points for Manufacturing Availability

Get the cyber protection advantage to keep systems moving

  • Reliable Defense

    Count on a battle-tested solution for your factory with patented imaging technology that ensures the fastest and most consistent backups – with AI-based anti-ransomware technology that automatically detects, stops, and restores damaged files.
  • Easy Orchestration

    Let factory IT admins manage your backups using the intuitive, web-based console. Acronis Cyber Backup accelerates recovery with a complete system copy that’s ready for reimaging, and smart technology that automatically adjusts for dissimilar hardware.
  • Efficient Management

    Save IT man-hours at the plant by automating backups and cutting data storage costs through built-in deduplication techniques. You can optimize RTOs by spinning up your VMs directly from your backups, or opt to restore to bare-metal or dissimilar hardware.
  • Complete Protection

    Defend all your data, no matter what innovative technology you onboard or how much you generate, with all-in-one protection for 21+ platforms, including outdated ones. You can add secure Acronis Cyber Infrastructure for total backup-storage management.
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Marquardt Chose Acronis for a Trouble-Free Production Process

For the Marquardt Group, new software is primarily intended to fulfill the requirements for reliable backup, fast recovery times, easy operation, and optimal system utilization. Discover how Acronis fulfilled their needs with Acronis Cyber Backup.

Key challenges

  1. 1
    Minimize recovery time objective
  2. 2
    Establish consistent Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) data backups


  • Fast
  • Rapid and reliable availability of production data
  • High return on investment (ROI)
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Modern threats need more than just data protection – to keep your production line moving, you need reliable, easy, and efficient cyber protection that guarantees data is safe, accessible, private, authentic, and secure.

Watch on demand webinar with James Slaby, Director of Cyber Protection, to find out how Acronis Cyber Backup can cut your data protection costs while completely protecting your IT infrastructure so your production line stays resilient. Integrated artificial intelligence-based anti-ransomware protection and patented Acronis imaging technologies are just the beginning.

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James Slaby
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