January 11, 2017 — Acronis
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2017 – A Year of Protecting Your Small Business Data

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Happy New Year! Your small business is entering the New Year with exciting growth plans. You plan to open a new shop, outlet, double production capacity and hire new help. You have customers lined up, partners ready to help, and suppliers ready to support your ambitions.

As any other business owner, you also think of how to protect your venture, your investment, and your way of life. By now, you may already have plans (and insurance) for your facilities, for your staff, for your transport fleet. You may even have a draft plan of how to change suppliers, or to open secondary routes to market should the current ones fail.

However, 40 percent of small businesses forget to protect a very important asset — their data. Your customer and financial databases, your email, your files and reports — everything has to be protected from disasters and loss.

Even if you only have ten employees, you may have more than 30 devices containing important documents and data that keep your business running. Moreover, it’s not just PCs and servers — you may be using cloud and mobile devices as well.

Don’t make a mistake to assume that your cloud vendor protects your data sufficiently. Most cloud service providers do not create proper backups on their own — it’s either an extra service, or it’s not available at all! It means that you can lose your customer database in a blink of an eye, and not be able to do anything about it. It’s no surprise that up to 80 percent of businesses have already lost data in the cloud.

Another significant thing you have to protect is your computer tablets and smartphones. You know better than anyone how important is the data on these devices. Customer and supplier contacts, messages, even the pictures — they are important to your business, and losing them may severely impact your operations.

In short, you need to protect all the data your business has on servers, personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and in the cloud. This may look like a complex and daunting task if you have limited IT resources but it means you need a good solution to make it easy.

Acronis Backup 12 is a perfect solution for small business owners. It is the world’s easiest and fastest backup to protect data on-premises, at remote facilities, in private and public clouds, and on mobile devices. It installs in three clicks, supports 15 computing platforms, offers quick recovery, and incorporates four encryption standards. No wonder that it is trusted by more than 500,000 businesses worldwide.

Don’t delay and protect your business now! Try Acronis Backup 12, and grow your business knowing that your data is safe.


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