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Acronis Cyber Protect
formerly Acronis Cyber Backup

In today’s increasingly complex threat landscape, the frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks are escalating. Nowhere is this more evident than within multisite enterprise organizations and industrial IT environments. These entities face a dual threat: the complexity of their infrastructure and the significant loss of revenue resulting from downtime in the event of data loss or a cyber incident.

Multisite organizations, with their geographically dispersed operations, present a unique set of challenges. Their vast networks often include a wide range of platforms and technologies, which can complicate the implementation of effective data protection and cybersecurity measures. For these organizations, ensuring swift data recovery across all sites is not just a technological need but a business imperative.

Similarly, industrial IT environments, which include operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS), require robust defense mechanisms. These systems are the backbone of critical infrastructure and manufacturing operations, where any downtime can lead to significant economic implications and safety concerns. As such, these systems not only need to be protected against cyberthreats but also require the ability to recover quickly and efficiently to maintain continuous operation.

The demand for a solution that can offer both protection and rapid recovery is clear. Organizations need a cybersecurity strategy that can keep pace with the growing sophistication of threats and the expanding attack surface presented by remote work and cloud-based operations.

Introducing Acronis Cyber Protect 16

Acronis Cyber Protect 16 was developed to meet exactly these needs. It offers a suite of features designed to protect against and recover from cyberthreats swiftly. With the integration of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, Acronis Cyber Protect 16 is not just reactive but proactive, capable of anticipating and neutralizing threats before they can cause damage.

At the heart of Acronis Cyber Protect 16 is its centralized control dashboard, which simplifies the management of complex, distributed networks. This single pane of glass approach provides IT administrators with the visibility and control needed to manage cybersecurity efforts efficiently.

By consolidating vendors and streamlining cybersecurity management, Acronis Cyber Protect 16 significantly reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) for multisite organizations. This reduction in TCO is not just a matter of cost savings; it's about optimizing resource allocation so that businesses can focus on growth and innovation.

One of the core strengths of Acronis Cyber Protect 16 is its enhanced recovery capabilities. The solution's ability to restore any computer, irrespective of its age or function, is critical for maintaining business operations without interruption. This is particularly vital for organizations using specialized industrial equipment, as Acronis ensures minimal downtime.

Featuring One-Click Recovery, the new version empowers users to initiate recovery operations without IT intervention. This self-service approach is crucial in remote work scenarios and for users in distant locations, ensuring they can get back to full productivity quickly. It also eases the workload on IT departments, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks rather than day-to-day recovery operations.

With proven compatibility across all major OT and ICS vendors, Acronis Cyber Protect 16 is a versatile tool for a wide range of industrial environments. It also helps businesses meet stringent compliance requirements and maintain data sovereignty, with data centers located around the globe.

Key features of features of Acronis Cyber Protect 16 include: 

·       Cyberthreat protection: Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), proactively secure data, applications and systems from advanced cyberattacks, including ransomware and other forms of malware. 

·       Rapid recovery: Reduced dependency on central IT support empowers users to initiate one-click recovery capabilities of distributed endpoints, including bare-metal recovery of physical workloads. 

·       Reduced TCO: Broad, multigenerational OS support enables vendor consolidation while ensuring comprehensive protection. 

·       Simplified management: Centralized management includes local autonomy and seamless integration with existing third-party tools to provide a unified view of backup and recovery operations along with broad, multigenerational OS support.   

·       Data sovereignty: With the use of Acronis’ extensive network of global data centers, users can ensure compliance and master regional data sovereignty laws, offering peace of mind and regulatory compliance. 

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About Acronis

A Swiss company founded in Singapore in 2003, Acronis has 15 offices worldwide and employees in 50+ countries. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is available in 26 languages in 150 countries and is used by over 20,000 service providers to protect over 750,000 businesses.