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With the summer of 2022 in full swing, we can look back at a past year of significant growthcommunity-building and recognition from independent analysts — all of which speak to the importance of the cyber protection approach in the face of modern IT challenges and cyberthreats.

Given the constantly evolving cyberthreat landscape organizations and service providers do business in today, the strength and reliability provided by cyber protection’s integration of data protection, cybersecurity and endpoint management has shifted from being a good practice to a necessity. What’s more, the future of the IT channel and the forecasted future of cyberattacks suggest that this need is only due to grow more urgent and ubiquitous.

All that said, for MSPs and IT professionals across the industry who are still relying on a patchwork of traditional solutions and processes, seeing the efficacy of this approach is vital to understanding the importance of cyber protection. That’s why we’re thrilled to highlight five recent independent evaluations of the cybersecurity capabilities of Acronis Cyber Protect and Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

Acronis was awarded OPSWAT Platinum certification for anti-malware

As first announced on Acronis’ Cyber Protection Center in July 2021, the Acronis Cyber Protection Agent 15.x for Windows earned the OPSWAT Platinum Certification for Anti-Malware. This accolade demanded that Acronis Cyber Protect could meet compatibility and effectiveness criteria and achieve high scores with one of the independent testing labs including:

·       AV-TEST

·       AV-Comparatives

·       ICSA Labs

·       Virus Bulletin

·       SE Labs

·       SKD Labs

“Receiving OPSWAT’s Platinum Certification is an important achievement, and one that we take great pride in,” said Candid Wüest, V.P. of Cyber Protection Research at Acronis. “This recognition demonstrates our success in developing anti-malware technology that effectively secures customer endpoints while meeting the increased need for complete integration. Acronis continues to hone our solutions and to deliver increasingly seamless, complete cyber protection.”

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud certified as an ICSA Labs anti-malware solution

In November 2021, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud successfully took part in ICSA Labs' assessment for Endpoint Product for Business, Anti-malware certification. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud achieved 100% efficacy detecting malicious, non-file infectors known to exist in systems worldwide.

Additionally, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud detected 44,725 of the malicious threats in ICSA Labs’ “Collection” of known malware collected in recent years. That’s a 99.98% efficacy rate on the test set. Finally, as seen in all of the tests above, Acronis provided this level of protection with zero false positives throughout the entire test.

AV-Comparatives names Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud an “Approved Business Product”

In their March-June 2022 Business Security Test (published in July), AV-Comparatives put Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with Advanced Security through a series of tests:

·       Acronis earned a 98.4% protection rate against real-world malware attack attempts

·       Acronis earned a 99.9% malware protection rate against attempts where the malware pre-exists or enters via something other than the internet

·       Acronis reported zero false-positive threat detections on business software

·       Acronis earned fast or very fast performance scores in six performance categories, including file copying, archiving / unarchiving, installing applications, downloading files, and browsing websites.

Acronis joined 18 other business products in these tests and ultimately achieved the AV-Comparatives Approved Business Security Product Award for December 2021. This is the third certification AV-Comparatives gave Acronis in 2021, and the fifth earned in the past two years.

Acronis Cyber Protect detects 100% of malware in Virus Bulletin VB100 Test Report

Similar to the AV-Comparatives security test, the July 2022 VB100 test from Virus Bulletin assessed how effective security products were at detecting malware without generating false alarms. VB100 tested this capability with a focus on three categories:

·       Certification: Acronis Cyber Protect was faced with common and prevalent Windows malware strains in 1,189 cases. 100% were successfully detected.

·       Clean: Acronis Cyber Protect was also presented with a random selection of legitimate program files. In 100,000 total test cases, Acronis provided no false alarms.

·       Diversity: Acronis Cyber Protect confronted 1,000 total cases of malicious Windows executables including diverse, obscure threats. Acronis detected 98.9% of these threats.

Because of these exemplary results, Acronis Cyber Protect passed the July 2022 VM100 Test.

Acronis is constantly certified by Virus Bulletin in every test since June 2020.

AV-TEST certifies Acronis Cyber Protect for MacOS endpoint protection

In November and December 2021, AV-TEST evaluated Acronis Cyber Protect and five other solutions’ ability to protect endpoints running MacOS Big Sur. Again, this evaluation focused on malware detection, false positives and system performance.

·       Acronis earned a protection score of 6.0 out of 6.0, detecting 100% of widespread and prevalent malware discovered in the last four months.

·       Acronis earned a performance score of 5.5 out of 6.0 for the speed assessed while copying files and downloading, launching and installing applications.

·       Acronis earned a usability score of 6.0 out of 6.0 for achieving zero false detections and false warnings regarding legitimate software.

Acronis receives 12 Leader badges from tech firm G2’s Reports for Cloud Data Security

Acronis is honored to have received 12 Leader badges in the Spring 2022 Reports from tech industry research firm G2. Among these, Acronis was awarded top ratings in the Spring 2022 Grid Report for Cloud Data Security. Learn here why real-world users continue to rank Acronis as a top vendor in backup and data security.

Final thought

These certifications represent further proof that Acronis Cyber Protection Solutions — and the technologies that power them — are top-tier performers with respect to securing critical data and systems against modern cyberthreats. Fully compatible with popular business tools and recommended by numerous organizations and independent evaluators, they deliver unparalleled performance and capabilities through a unique integration of cybersecurity, data protection, and endpoint protection management.

As organizations make their way through 2022, and with an increasingly complex and potentially costly cyberthreat landscape lying ahead, certifications like these will become more valuable and more valid than ever for IT professionals looking to achieve the most comprehensive protection possible.

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