Acronis Opens New R&D Center for Cyber Protection, AI and Blockchain Projects in Bulgaria

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Attending the official opening of Acronis Bulgaria were (l to r) Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia, Mr. Tomislav Donchev, Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Serg Bell, co-founder and CEO of Acronis, and Acronis Bulgaria's Managing Director Plamen Toshev. 

With technology, things are always changing. So as a global leader in cyber protection and hybrid cloud solutions, Acronis has to continuously invest in research and development (R&D) to ensure we’re providing customers with the best protection for their data, apps, and systems using cutting-edge technologies. That innovative philosophy pays tremendous dividends in the effectiveness of our solutions.

Developing those technologies also requires us to find the best and brightest software engineers, scientists and security experts wherever they may be. That is why we have a network of R&D centers located around the world, operating in Asia, Europe and America. Such a global presence not only allows us to develop cyber protection, artificial intelligence, and blockchain-based technologies around the clock, it puts us closer to the best talent around the world.

Now that R&D network is even larger since we just opened our new European office and R&D center in Sofia, Bulgaria. The strategic location will not only help us better serve our European-based customers, but the central location enables us to more easily draw on the well-educated and dedicated technical talent pool the continent offers.

“Congratulations to Acronis for deciding to open a new office in Bulgaria. Every new investor and their trust are very important for our country, and new workplaces are a great stimulus to bring qualified personnel back to the country. Bulgaria has proved its potential in developing the high-tech sector. Our priority is investing in products and services with high value-add component, which takes our economic development to a qualitatively new level,” said Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Bulgaria Tomislav Donchev.

Acronis Bulgaria

Previewed earlier this year when Acronis committed to invest $50 million and create 300 high-tech jobs over the next three years in Sofia, the new Acronis Bulgaria office focuses on cyber protection technology, data center operations, and development of Acronis’ products and services.

Located on St. Stefano Street in the heart of Sofia, close to public transportation and the vibrant city life, the office also serves as the European location of Acronis’ Cyber Security Operations Center. Like the company’s other Cyber Security Operations Centers located around the world, the Bulgarian office will monitor multiple data protection environments and provide vital intel to R&D engineers regarding the newest threats.

“Our mission is to bring the young people back to Bulgaria, and those who are here, make them stay. This is only possible by developing our economy through investing in education,” said Minister of Economy of Republic Bulgaria Emil Karanikolov.

Developing new tech talent

The team in Sofia currently consist of 30 engineers, but we plan to expand that staff to 50 people by the end of 2018. As Acronis Bulgaria Managing Director Plamen Toshev explains, the goal is to draw on local talent, providing the necessary training and guidance to help the team members have a successful career as they grow into senior roles within the company. 

“We are set for growth as we offer unique software development opportunities in Sofia. We are looking for local talent and willing to help people reach their true potential,” said Toshev. A list of the positions currently open at the new office is available online.

Internships and mentoring

As part of the launch of Acronis Bulgaria, we are also working with local universities and community organizations to run joint education projects. We’ve already engaged with Sofia University, and are looking to expand our academic partnerships.

Run as an initiative of the Acronis Foundation, a non-profit focused on creating educational opportunities as a way to spread and protect knowledge, we’ll be offering internships and mentoring to software engineering and science students. Not only will these programs help students be more prepared to apply their skills in the real world, it will also create opportunities for new graduates who are looking for a career with a global IT company.

“Our goal is to get local students to work for us in Sofia instead of looking to work abroad. We offer great pay, a productive working environment, and incredibly interesting engineering problems. We are very likely to surpass our initial commitment to invest $50 million and create 300 jobs in Sofia. This office is going to become one of the company’s most important outposts along with those in the U.S., Switzerland, and Singapore,” said Serg Bell, co-founder and CEO of Acronis.

The search is on

Now that Acronis Bulgaria has officially opened its doors, the office is actively recruiting. Anyone interested in exploring employment opportunities at Acronis Bulgaria is encouraged to visit the list of current job openings.

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