August 22, 2017 — Peter Hale
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Acronis True Image 2018: Bringing AI-based Data Protection to Home Users

Cyber Protect Home Office

Today is a big day at Acronis — we’re excited to release Acronis True Image 2018, which includes a host of new backup and recovery capabilities. Today’s launch also marks the first time a personal backup product will include artificial intelligence-based technology that actively protects data against ransomware.

Acronis True Image 2018 is the most reliable, easiest to use and most secure personal backup and recovery software available — and we’re stoked to set a new standard in data protection for individuals, families and home office users.

Over the next few days, we’ll be posting additional articles that detail the new enhancements and what they mean for our customers. In the meantime, we’re providing a brief overview of what you’ll find.

Reliable backup and recovery

  • Active disk cloning: Create an exact replica of an active Windows system without having to restart using bootable media.
  • Boot media builder: Automatically generate boot media for a WinPE environment, so you can quickly resolve driver configuration issues and recover your system to the same or new hardware.
  • Continuous backup to the cloud: Update your backups while working on files so you have a secure off-site version in the cloud.
  • Virtual drive conversion: Test the recoverability of full image backups, run your system in a virtual environment or move a complete system image to another computer as a virtual drive.
  • Faster backup and recovery: Create backups up to three times faster thanks to new technology that tracks image changes in real time. Recover from the cloud up to four times faster with optimized network bandwidth utilization.
  • Automatic mobile backup to NAS devices: Back up your mobile device to your home computer or a NAS device — without even thinking about it. The process starts automatically as soon as your mobile device connects to the same Wi-Fi as the NAS.              
  • Expanded social media backup: You can already back up your Facebook accounts, but in early September you’ll also be able to automatically back up your Instagram accounts, including photos, comments and statistics, such as the number of likes, tags or comments a post gets.

Easy control

  • Backup activity and statistics: Manage your backups at a glance with a visual display of how much data you have backed up, the types of files in storage, and the status of backups.
  • Touch Bar integration: Use the MacBook Pro’s new multi-touch display to navigate between tabs, create and start new backups, monitor data transfer speeds, and track the progress of backups.

Secure data protection

  • Acronis Active Protection for all: Every edition of Acronis True Image 2018 now includes our exclusive anti-ransomware technology, making it the only backup product that actively defends your data and system files from ransomware attacks.
  • Artificial intelligence-based defenses: The Windows version of Acronis Active Protection uses machine learning models that were developed in Acronis’ dedicated Cloud AI infrastructure to detect and stop ransomware attacks.
  • Security Dashboard: Gain complete visibility over Acronis Active Protection so you can track the number of potentially dangerous processes, see which ones were blocked, and manage a whitelist of trusted applications.

By vastly expanding the backup and recovery capabilities of individuals and addressing the fastest growing threat to personal data, Acronis True Image 2018 is redefining personal data protection. We invite you to try it now, and invite you to share the news with your friends so they can start safeguarding their family’s important documents, irreplaceable photos and videos, and entire systems.

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