Acronis True Image 2020 Delivers An Incredible, Innovative 3-2-1 Punch

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formerly Acronis True Image

They say that the only constant in life is change. That’s never been more apparent than in today’s digital world, where the amount of data we generate grows exponentially, hackers use cutting-edge technology to make their attacks more effective, and individuals spend more on multiple services and solutions to protect and defend our personal data.

In our ongoing mission to protect all data, applications, and systems – wherever they are found – today we’ve released Acronis True Image 2020, the new version of our award-winning personal cyber protection solution. With more than 100 enhancements designed to improve its performance and multiple new features that provide greater protection and control, this new release delivers everything an individual needs to ensure they never lose another file.

This new version also continues our history of being innovators in the backup industry, since Acronis True Image 2020 represents the first time a personal solution is automating the data protection strategy experts agree is the gold standard.

Dual Protection

While authorities in different industries can disagree and debate best practices, in the data protection industry there’s one strategy that is recommended by virtually every expert: the 3-2-1 backup rule.  Yet while the strategy is universally supported, no personal backup solution has ever provided a way to automate the practice – until now.

That’s because Acronis True Image 2020 is the first personal cyber protection solution to enable people to automatically replicate local backups in the secure Acronis Cloud. With a subscription to Acronis True Image, the Dual Protection feature will guarantee that you’ll have a reliable off-site backup available for recovery no matter what.

No more managing two backups or losing time to run them separately. With Dual Protection, your local backup and cloud replication occur simultaneously, making it easy and efficient.

Dual Protection - local-to-cloud backup replication

The fastest backup is even faster

In addition to streamlining the 3-2-1 backup rule, Acronis True Image 2020 introduces other enhancements designed to make it easier for anyone to keep all of their data, applications, and systems safe.

A new Tray Notifications Center, for example, provides you with up-to-the-moment updates about the status of backups so they can resolve issues quickly. You will also receive the latest news to improve your overall cyber protection.

For the 2020 release, we’ve adopted new backup technologies that greatly improve the overall performance. Outside testing shows our backup speeds are now at least 50% faster than our previous version – and that was already proven by independent labs to be up to 13-times faster than the competition. This new backup format also enables you to browse files in your cloud backups even faster.

Delivering greater control

Not all of the enhancements were “under the hood,” though. Several features give you increased control over your backups. You now can choose which Wi-Fi network you back up on. Not only do you avoid unsecured public networks that can put your data at risk, but you can also better navigate metered connections that can affect your performance.

Select Wi-Fi for backups

Another new control feature ensures your backups don’t interfere with the ability to use your laptop. Now you can control when backups run while the laptop is operating on battery power. You can either completely prevent backups from running on battery power, or you can set a minimum power-level so if the battery goes under 40% capacity, backups won’t run.

Either way, your backups won’t drain your battery when your working without much of a charge.

Stay secure against modern threats

Three years ago, Acronis True Image was the first cyber protection product to combine reliable backups with proven anti-malware defenses into one personal solution. Powered by artificial intelligence, our integrated Acronis Active Protection technology successfully stops ransomware and cryptojacking attacks in real-time – and automatically restores any affected files.

Last year our defense blocked more than 400,000 ransomware attacks. Despite that success, we know that cybercriminals continue to change their technology and techniques. Therefore we’ve enhanced the machine learning models that make Acronis True Image even more effective at stopping cyberthreats. The new version also stops illicit service termination attacks and reports the reason a particular process was flagged or blocked as malicious.

Enhanced anti-malware defenses

We’re still the only such personal cyber solution offer that level of sophisticated protection, but there’s every reason for us to continue advancing our defenses.

Try it for yourself

The risks to data are ever-changing, so your protection needs to be just as nimble and advanced. Subscribing to Acronis True Image 2020 provides the world’s best cyber protection and includes ongoing updates that ensure your backup and anti-malware defenses are ready for anything today’s digital world throws at you.

It’s easy, efficient, secure personal cyber protection that has everything you need to get #CyberFit – the new standard for readiness. Why not try Acronis True Image 2020 for yourself free for 30 days?

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