Arsenal FC seamlessly transitions to working from home during lockdown with help from Acronis

Cyber Protect

For nearly two years, Arsenal Football Club has partnered with Acronis for cyber protection solutions. Acronis protects Arsenal’s data, applications, and systems, such as the team’s Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365 accounts. In addition to data protection, Arsenal benefits from the AI-based Acronis Active Protection, which actively monitors systems in real-time for suspicious and malicious behavior, enabling it to detect and stop attacks automatically.

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, Arsenal had been working hard to implement new technology to allow its workforce to work from home on an ad-hoc basis. This included the implementation of collaborative and cloud-based technology. According to Christelle Heikkila, IT Director at Arsenal, “we had a seamless transition for our entire workforce to work from home as soon as lockdown started, from every department around the world as far as Singapore and Australia.”

Acronis has been with Arsenal every step of the way, taking proactive measures to keep Arsenal cyber safe, including the provision of backups for its cloud-based data to give it additional peace of mind. Furthermore, Arsenal has been an early adopter of Acronis Cyber Protect, which has cybersecurity features like a full-stack antivirus solution, vulnerability assessments, patch management, and URL filtering.

As a commitment to its partnership, Acronis also considered Arsenal fans, launching a cyber protect quiz on to help fans keep cyber safe.

Watch this short video case study in which Christelle Heikkila provides additional details about the transition to working from home in 2020 and the role Acronis played in helping Arsenal with this transition.