October 15, 2019 — Dave Kostos
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Attendees at Acronis Global Cyber Summit Raise $30,000+ to Construct a New School in Nicaragua

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The audience at the Acronis Cyber Foundation Charity Reception

As the first day of the Acronis Global Cyber Summit 2019 came to a close, attendees from around the world gathered for an exclusive Acronis Cyber Foundation Charity Reception. The reception featured inspiring speakers, captivating music, and celebrity appearances, and drew more than 400 attendees.

And in a stunning display of charitable giving, those attendees donated more than $30,000 – enough to completely finance the construction of a new, desperately needed school in Nicaragua.

Once constructed, this school will be the eighth completed by the Acronis Cyber Foundation’s Schools Initiative – a charitable program that, to date, has helped more than 2,400 children around the world gain access to the education they need to improve their futures and their communities.

Serguei Beloussov speaking at the Acronis Global Cyber Summit Charity Reception

Experiences from the Acronis Cyber Foundation

The Acronis Cyber Foundation Charity Reception kicked off with an inspiring message from Acronis Founder and CEO Serguei Beloussov, who thanked the audience for their attendance and offered an overview of the philosophy behind the Acronis Cyber Foundation – that all evils stem from a lack of knowledge.

This philosophy, he explained, is the basis of all of the initiatives that the Acronis Cyber Foundation drives around the world – and that no initiative demonstrates its influence more clearly than the Schools Initiative.

To prove this, Ready2Roar Founder Cheryl Robinson took to the stage to interview Acronis Cyber Foundation volunteer Melinda MacPhee about her personal experience helping to build a school in Soupa Serere, Senegal. The school, completed in March 2019, now supports the growth and education of 140 students.

buildOn Founder, Jim Ziolkowski, followed up on this emotional testimonial by speaking further about the Senegal school and about ongoing and future partnerships with the Acronis Cyber Foundation – including the Nicaragua school that attendee donations made possible.

buildOn founder speaking at the Acronis Global Cyber Summit Charity Reception

What’s next for the Acronis Cyber Foundation

Thanks to the generous support and donations from the attendees of the Charity Reception, the construction of a new school in Nicaragua was completely financed.

What’s more, as a special show of gratitude, Serguei Beloussov announced that the Acronis Cyber Foundation would commit to the construction of two additional schools – all in partnership with buildOn. That’s a total of three new school projects:

  • Nicaragua (anticipated completion in 2020)
  • Malawi (anticipated completion in 2020)
  • Location TBD (anticipated completion in 2021)

These extended construction plans not only move the Acronis Cyber Foundation closer to its goal of building 15 schools within the next three years, they also offer hundreds of additional children the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and achieve things they previously couldn’t imagine.

To support the Acronis Cyber Foundation in its current work and its future plans, be sure to visit acronis.org to make a donation and help bring education and opportunity to the people who need it most.

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