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Consider and take pity on small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) facing the tech challenges of 2021. They’ve struggled through a fretful year of sudden pandemic-driven changes: employees forced to work from home, sensitive data abruptly moved to cloud-based SaaS applications, and a baffling array of new cyberthreats – including 350,000 new malware threats being identified every day and a 400% increase in cybercrime last year being reported by the FBI.

That last challenge is particularly daunting: few SMBs are capable of keeping pace with a daily barrage of ransomware attacks, tech supply-chain incursions like the SolarWinds breach, and severe vulnerabilities like Microsoft’s recent Exchange Server fiasco – especially in light of their paltry tech budgets and headcount.

Challenges create MSP cybersecurity opportunities

SMBs are desperate to outsource these problems, and that presents a huge opportunity for MSPs willing to step up and help.

Yet many MSPs remain unfamiliar with the cybersecurity services business, and despite sensing their customers’ crying needs are uncertain about how to go about building an offer. What is the right mix of cybersecurity, data protection, and other services to help SMBs in 2021? What kind of margins can you demand to make it a profitable package? Once you build an attractive offering, what’s the best way to market and sell it?

MSPs looking for practical answers to these questions will find them at the upcoming Acronis event, Building the Modern MSP Cybersecurity Stack: Pricing, Prospecting and Selling. Happening on April 15, 2021 at 1 p.m. EDT, this virtual event features two veteran channel advisors and successful entrepreneurs: Erick Simpson and Acronis’s own Amy Luby.

In under an hour, Erick and Amy will walk an actual MSP owner – Cramer Snuggs, founder of US MSP Cascade Technologies – step-by-step through the process of assembling a package of cybersecurity services, picking the right pricing model, prospecting for leads, and crafting a winning sales pitch. The outcome is a checklist that any MSP can follow to bootstrap its own cybersecurity-focused services package in less than 30 days.

“This event is going to be unique since we’ll be illustrating how any MSP can build a successful cyber protection business by helping a fellow MSP create his in real-time,” explains Amy. “Unlike other presentations, there’s nothing hypothetical about what we’re sharing this time. MSPs will see first-hand how easy building a cyber protection practice can be, and how effective – and profitable – that approach can be to ensure clients are secure against today’s cyberthreats.”

Registering for the event

If small businesses are truly the economic engine that people claim, then the fuel injectors of that engine are the MSPs that ensure their SMB clients have the IT they need to compete. Protecting and securing those mission-critical systems has never been more important.

If you’re an MSP leader that understands your SMB clients’ urgent need for secure, reliable IT but has been waiting for some advice on how to address it, don’t miss this practical, real-world panel discussion as Simpson and Luby provide practical advice to Snuggs as he extends the cybersecurity capabilities of his MSP business.

Registration for Building the Modern MSP Cybersecurity Stack: Pricing, Prospecting and Selling event is now open – so reserve your spot today to join us on April 15.

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