August 7, 2019 — Dave Kostos
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Digital Transformation: ROKiT Williams Racing on the Importance of Cyber Protection

Cyber Protect

In the world of Formula One racing, data is everything. A single race weekend generates 800 GB of data, all of which needs to be efficiently collected, rapidly analyzed, and securely stored to increase a team’s chances of bringing home a championship. To achieve that, ROKiT Williams racecars feature 300 independent sensors and run 1,000 channels of data. These tools enable the team to send data from the car to their base in a fraction of a second, allowing for tiny adjustments to be made that can make a huge difference in the outcome of a race or a season.

In the Digital Transformation 2019 report, Graeme Hackland, the Chief Information Officer at ROKiT Williams Racing, dives into all the complexities of his team’s data use and reliance and how their partnership with Acronis helps make cyber protection easy, efficient, and secure.

For the full version of Hackland’s interview and other valuable insights from this year’s Digital Transformation, download your own copy of the report here.

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