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Remember “The Best Camera Is The One That's With You” from a visionary photographer Chase Jarvis? In this beautiful photographic journal covering a year in his life, Jarvis underscores the idea that an inspiring moment can be captured by any camera, even a mobile phone.

This trend is in full swing. More than a third of the world’s population now own a smartphone, which means 2.2 billion people will be capturing their inspiring moments with a mobile phone this year. In fact, market research firm InfoTrends says that 85 percent of the 1.2 trillion new photos projected for 2017 will be taken on smartphones.

This week, many of those images will be capturing the excitement of the United States Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin, Texas. If the turnout is similar to 2016, more than 250 thousand people will bring their smartphones to the Circuit of the Americas this weekend, looking for a perfect shot of their favorite driver, team car, or attending celebrity.

According to another estimate, smartphone users take up to 150 photos and 7.5 videos every month – that’s 1,800 photos and 90 videos a year! At special events like Formula 1, people are likely to take more photos in one day than they would in a month. But there is one problem — limited storage.

We’re all familiar with that feeling when the phone runs out of space at the most inconvenient time and you have a split second to decide what photos are no longer important so that you can delete them and free up some space.

Limited storage means people on average can only carry about 630 photos and 24 videos on their mobile devices. If they take 1,800 photos every year, then what happens with the rest? The answer is simple. Old photos need to be deleted to make space for the new.

There is a way, however, to delete photos from a smartphone without losing them. All you need is the free Acronis True Image app, which you can download and easily install from the App Store or Google Play Store.

The Acronis True Image mobile app will automatically back up your photos (make copies of your photos and other data as required) to the Acronis cloud, your home computer or NAS, allowing you to delete files on your phone without actually losing them. You can even secure those files by adding encryption and setting a password that you define, which keeps prying eyes away from your data.

Acronis True Image uses Acronis AnyData Engine — the same technology that protects data on millions of other consumer and business devices. It lets you access and restore your backed up data on other devices without any problem.

While your smartphone might already have an ability to store some data in the cloud, Acronis True Image offers a lot more than what iCloud and Google Drive can. That’s because cloud storage is incomplete as backup and native solutions have several limitations. If your family has a mix of iPhones and Android devices, for example, you’ll have difficulty sharing data between the devices.

For a reliable, easy-to-use and secure way to back up your mobile device, nothing beats Acronis True Image.

With Acronis True Image, you can even protect the photos that you uploaded to your Facebook and Instagram accounts. So not only can you share your memories from special events on social media, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing those social media memories can always be recovered in case your account is hacked or accidentally deleted.

Just think about it: freedom for your smartphone. Take as many photos as you like. Delete old photos without losing them.

With more than a trillion photos being shot on smartphones this year, Acronis True Image solves your mobile storage needs.

Acronis True Image means it’s “out with the old, in with the new” when it comes to your photos. Use Acronis to free your smartphone from old photos and enjoy that beautiful weekend watching the race, knowing that there will always be sufficient space for your digital memories.

(Image: Red Bull Content Pool)

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