[Infographic] A Look Back at the Evolution of Cyber Protection

Cyber Protect Cloud

Last week was the inaugural World Cyber Protection Week, a new annual event created to raise awareness of the increasingly complex protection challenges that face today’s home users, IT professionals, and service providers. As part of this first celebration, we were delighted to share news about how people around the world are protecting themselves, offer discounts on leading cyber protection solutions, and introduce the next step forward for IT service providers ready to evolve how they defend their customers’ data, applications, and systems: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

All of these resources offer a valuable look forward at how users can ensure modern, comprehensive protection for themselves, their businesses, and their customers. But today, we’d like to mark the end of World Cyber Protection Week by taking a fun look back at everything that brought us here. Find where you joined the industry, the new tech you couldn’t wait for and how quickly it all went obsolete.

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Infographic of backup and storage history from the 1900s to today

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