March 17, 2021 — Eric Swotinsky
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Introducing Acronis DeviceLock DLP 9.0

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Insider negligence is responsible for a whopping 52% of all data breaches, with a further 17% due to malicious insider action, according to independent research from the Ponemon Institute. The average cost of insider-related incidents is now $11.45 million, having risen 31% over the last two years. When businesses don’t take steps to secure their systems and data from insider threats, their very livelihood is at tremendous risk.

Today, we’re announcing a significant update to Acronis DeviceLock DLP that will introduce new monitoring tools, analytic capabilities, and discovery support for additional workloads — improving our signature data loss prevention solution and further securing business-critical data from the most common form of cyberthreat: insider activity.

About Acronis DeviceLock DLP

Acronis DeviceLock DLP is a data loss prevention (DLP) solution that secures data against the most prevalent leakage threats and helps businesses to meet legal data protection mandates, regardless of where they operate.  Stop data leaks at the source and strengthen regulatory compliance with an endpoint DLP solution that’s easy, efficient, and secure:

  • Easy — save time and hassle associated with learning and managing DLP solutions. Acronis DeviceLock DLP 9.0 is easily deployable through Active Directory and offers various centralized management consoles. Built-in auditing and analysis tools make it simple to turn activity logs into actionable insights.
  • Efficient — a modular architecture allows you to control your total cost of ownership (TCO). The essential Acronis DeviceLock Core module can be supplemented with functional add-on components to meet the specific needs of your organization. Another standalone module, Acronis DeviceLock Discovery, further reduces the risk of leaks by automatically discovering exposed data-at-rest and protecting it with configurable remediation actions.
  • Secure — minimize the danger from insider threats by stopping data leaks through both local and network channels. Administrators can exercise granular control over allowable actions and processes, allowing only those that are legitimate and necessary for business operations.

Acronis DeviceLock DLP supports a variety of use cases, including restricting channels that aren’t essential to business operations and enforcing data use/handling policies. Data flow can be allowed or blocked based on both direction and content. The solution even prevents data leaks in remote desktop sessions — now more important than ever, with the prevalence of work-from-anywhere business models.

What’s new in Acronis DeviceLock DLP 9.0?

The latest release of Acronis DeviceLock DLP simplifies the process of detecting and understanding insider threats to data security, as well as adding improved support for additional workload types.

New capabilities introduced in Acronis DeviceLock DLP 9.0 include:

  • Acronis DeviceLock User Activity Monitor add-on, an optional component that enables trigger-based recording of end-user actions — including keystrokes, active processes, and entire screens — and provides built-in tools for administrators to view and analyze these activities. This add-on expands the evidence base for IT security incident investigations and simplifies the detection and mitigation of suspicious or dangerous behavior. Flexible start/stop recording rules support both event- and state-based criteria.
  • User Dossiers, which ease information security auditing and increase visibility over data flows and related activities by collecting end-user action statistics and presenting them in easily-understood graphical representations. User Dossiers can be complemented with additional user account data taken from Active Directory or an LDAP directory.
  • Elasticsearch database support for Acronis DeviceLock Discovery, further extending the add-on’s reach and allowing administrators to gain visibility and control over sensitive data-at-rest across their entire IT environment.

View the Acronis DeviceLock DLP 9.0 release notes for a full listing of additions and enhancements.

Final thought

With Acronis DeviceLock DLP, organizations get a data loss prevention solution that’s easy, efficient, and secure. Safeguard business-critical data from the most prevalent cyberthreats — insider activity — while ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing TCO.

Version 9.0 of Acronis DeviceLock DLP adds new capabilities and expands support for data-at-rest discovery across additional workloads. This update strengthens the security and utility of our signature DLP solution as part of Acronis’ efforts to ensure the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS) of organizations’ data, applications, and systems.

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