September 16, 2017 — Peter Hale
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Mobile Backup to NAS: As Simple as Coming Home

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Most people want data protection to be as simple as possible: either so easy that it becomes an instinctive habit or, even better, completely automated so you don’t have to think about it at all.

Well when it comes to backing up mobile devices, Acronis True Image 2018 has you covered. In fact, we’ve made mobile backup so easy that all you have to do is come home.

We introduced the ability to back up automatically to your local PC or Mac via Wi-Fi earlier this year, but a number of customers expressed a desire to have the same feature for their network attached storage (NAS). After all, more than a quarter of Acronis customers use NAS at home because the devices can always be on, creating a local, private cloud. Being able to automatically backup to that storage is the ultimate in convenience.

We heard you, and Acronis True Image 2018 includes that feature.

And setting up wireless, automated backups of a mobile device to your NAS couldn’t be easier. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Install the Acronis Mobile application on your iOS or Android device. You can find it in the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Install and start Acronis True Image 2018 on your NAS.
  3. Make sure that both NAS and mobile device are connected to the same Wi-fi network.
  4. In the application on your mobile device, select Backup to NAS or computer. Tap on Scan QR code.
  5. With your mobile device, scan the QR code displayed in the NAS application interface to pair the mobile device with the NAS:  
  6. After successfully pairing the devices, you can start backup to NAS over the Wi-Fi.
  7. Backup files can be browsed on the mobile device and restored directly from the NAS.
Mobile Backup to NAS

Now you’ve got the data from your mobile device safely backed up to NAS every time you connect to your home wireless network. If anything happens to your device or you decide to get a new smartphone, you can quickly restore everything.

When it comes to convenient backup, the addition of this new feature means Acronis True Image now lets you back up the data on your mobile devices wherever you want:

  • Your local computer
  • Your NAS device
  • The Acronis cloud

How convenient is that? Download Acronis True Image Now!



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