Who has the Best Backup? Independent IT Security Research Company MRG Effitas Analysed Eight Popular Backup Solutions

Acronis Cyber Protect
formerly Acronis Cyber Backup

We all care about our data and want it to be available at any moment, protected and private. That was the idea behind the independent lab test by MRG Effitas, a well-known security testing and certification company.

The MRG Effitas team set out to test eight popular backup solutions for ransomware protection capabilities, performance, usability, and user experience.

After a series of 24 comprehensive tests, Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation stood out as the winner: "Acronis True Image earned the best title as it finished first in 18 cases of 24 test and when it didn’t win it finished second. Acronis did the fastest backup on HDD and on SSD as well and the connection speed to its own cloud was way faster than any other competitor’s.”

It wasn’t just performance that scored Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation such high marks, however.

“Among all the products we tested, only Acronis True Image 2017 Next Generation was able to protect the backups from every Ransomware family tested. The other solutions have basically zero backup protection when it comes to Ransomware. Based on the tests, only Acronis’ backup file is protected against the tested ransomware, the other products archives are only left untouched if the ransomware is not configured to encrypt that kind of file type.”  

Acronis True Image 3rd Party Speed & Ransomware Tests, Apr 2017 from MRG Effitas

When it comes to threat protection, Acronis knows what it takes to keep your data safe. With cyber criminals learning how to encrypt even your backups, an active approach to data protection is key—and Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation is the only backup solution available that can give you that peace of mind.

With its superb performance record and innovative ransomware protection features, it’s a no-brainer that Acronis came out on top.

“Acronis True Image has been an established backup tool for years and now with the added new features– especially the Acronis Active Protection – Acronis surely takes the lead in this contest.”  

Full report: https://go.acronis.com/MRGEffitas Learn more about Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation: //www.acronis.com/en-us/personal/computer-backup/


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