August 2, 2016 — Andrey Kulaga
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Why We Built a New Monitoring Solution


We recently had the biggest launch in our company’s history with the new releases of Acronis Backup 12 and Acronis Backup Cloud.

Did you know that we also brought our first monitoring product to market? We call it Acronis Monitoring Service - it's a brand new product and it’s available now!

Acronis Monitoring Service is a SaaS-based monitoring tool for cloud and on-premises infrastructures. It combines true ease-of-deployment and a robust feature set for server, network and web services monitoring, alerting, and data presentation. You can learn more about the product and try it for free here.

Why Acronis Monitoring Service

For Acronis, building a monitoring solution was a natural extension to our portfolio of hybrid cloud data protection solutions.

But, let’s a take a closer look at why we did it:

IT technology constantly changes and the past few years have been no exception. We are seeing the next great wave of change associated with the introduction of Cloud Services and the transfer of a significant part of a company’s IT infrastructure to the Cloud.

Cloud services help customers to use IT technologies efficiently and allow them to solve problems that were impossible before. However, the life of IT administrators has not necessarily become easier.

Now, in addition to their corporate network, today’s IT administrator needs to monitor the health of a vast number of Cloud services, requiring a centralized view of both on-premises and cloud resources to efficiently manage IT resources and availability. However, this is a difficult problem to solve efficiently if the IT administrator doesn’t have the proper tools.

At Acronis, our goal is to make the lives of IT administrators as easy as possible by providing them with a unified monitoring solution that is:

  1. Complete - meaning that it can monitor the availability and performance of servers, networks, cloud-based resources, websites and applications – all from a single interface
  2. Scalable - seamlessly, from one to thousands of devices
  3. Easy - to deploy and use

And of course, our plan is to add complete monitoring capabilities across the entire Acronis suite so that our customers are always confident in the performance and high quality of our solutions.

Start monitoring servers, networks, applications, websites, and services in minutes today with Acronis Monitoring Service. Sign up for a FREE trial here.

Stay tuned, there is more to come!

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