Cyber Protect Cloud

Modernize your cybersecurity and backup with integrated cyber protection


  • Enhanced URL filtering
    Help your clients achieve compliance and increase productivity by preventing attacks from malicious websites. With advanced URL filtering, you can control website access through a HTTP/HTTPS interceptor, black and whitelists for URLs, and payload analysis for malicious URLs.
  • Unique
    Global threat monitoring and smart alerts
    Acronis Cyber Protection Operation Center (CPOC) continuously monitors the cybersecurity landscape and releases alert on potential threats of any kind. Receive real-time alerts on malware, vulnerabilities, natural disasters, and other global events that may affect data protection, so you can prevent them.
  • Vulnerability assessment
    Keep your clients safer by identifying and remediating vulnerabilities in their system. With our vulnerability assessment, you can scan clients’ machines for vulnerabilities to ensure that all applications and operating systems are up-to-date and can’t be exploited by cybercriminals.
  • Exploit prevention
    Until a patch is applied, your clients’ machines are vulnerable. With exploit prevention you can stop and prevent attacks from happening with memory protection, return-oriented programming protection, code injection protection and privilege escalation protection.
  • Protection for Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams
    Collaboration tools like WebEx and Zoom can help an organization become more efficient, but the problem is a lot of these tools are not secure. Proactively protect these collaboration tools with vulnerability assessment, patch management, code injection prevention, and antimalware capabilities.

Data protection

  • Unique
    Continuous Data Protection
    Ensure users don’t lose the work that is in-progress by defining a list of critical apps that they are frequently using. Acronis’ agent monitors every change made in the listed applications—no matter where the user saves the file – and continuously backs it up. In case the system needs to be reimaged, you can restore the data from backup and apply the latest changes, so no data is lost.
  • Unique
    Safe recovery
    The OS image or applications in the backup can have vulnerabilities, and can cause continuous reinfection if malware is still active in the network. Patching the machine and applying the latest antimalware definitions allows users to restore the OS image with the latest patches, reducing the chance of a reoccurring infection.
  • Malware Scans in the Acronis Cloud
    Prevent restoring infected files from backups with built-in malware scanning. By scanning full disk backups at a centralized location, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud can help find malware – ensuring users restore a clean, malware-free backup.
  • Unique
    Data compliance reporting and data protection map
    Ensure that critical data is protected for compliance reporting, with the data protection map. Get detailed information about stored data and use the automatic data classification to track the protection status of important files. If files are backed up or not, IT will be alerted helping you further protect clients’ data.
  • Unique
    Global and local whitelists from backups
    Traditional, global whitelisting does not handle custom applications well. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud scans backups with anti-malware technologies (AI, behavioral heuristics, etc.) to whitelist organizationally unique apps and avoid future false positives.

Endpoint protection management

  • Unique
    Fail-safe patching
    A bad system patch can render a system unusable. Before the latest patches are implemented, an automatic image backup is performed so you can easily restore and rollback to a working state if there is an issue.
  • Windows defender antivirus or Microsoft security essentials management
    Eliminate complexity while ensuring that Windows Defender is properly configured. With Acronis protection plans, you can control Windows Defender Antivirus and Microsoft Security Essentials detection events and enforce settings across multiple machines.
  • Auto discovery and remote agent installation
    Simplify the onboarding process by installing multiple agents at once – in the cloud and on-premises. With network-based and Active Directory-based discovery your technicians can easily remotely install and apply protection plans – helping you keep clients safe.
  • Point-to-site remote VPN access
    Enable clients to quickly and easily access files from the local site or the cloud. With the Business VPN feature, clients on DR-enabled tenants can establish a secure (L2 VPN) connection to the corporate network with their personal devices so they can access the data they need to successfully do their work.
  • Predefined protection plans
    Protect your clients’ remote and office workers quickly and easily by choosing one of three preconfigured protection plans. These options help you save time while ensuring you that your clients’ workloads and environments are protected.
  • Remotely wipe devices
    Instead of letting business-critical data get into the wrong hands, you can now remotely wipe compromised or missing Windows devices. Built into Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, you can successfully prevent data from being deleted by disgruntled employees or being accessed from lost or stolen devices.
  • Remote desktop capabilities
    Employees working from home may need access to files or apps on their work machines, and they might not have a configured VPN. Share a secure link with end users so they can remotely access their machine.
  • Control the console hands-free
    Your personal safety and security are our top priority. Given the current environment, we want to enable you to help clients without needing to physically touch their machines. Voice control for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud means you can control the console hands-free.
  • Software and hardware inventory collection
    Save time and effort with up-to-date software and hardware inventory information.
    Discover all software/hardware assets installed on customer machines through automatic or on-demand scans. In addition, you can browse and filter software/hardware assets by multiple criteria, easily generate inventory reports, and auto-delete records once a machine or tenant is removed.

Cyber Protect Cloud

Modernize your cybersecurity and backup with integrated cyber protection