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Ready Honda Recovers from Ransomware with Acronis

Ready Honda is an established car dealership in Mississauga, the sixth largest city in Southern Ontario, Canada.

Ready Honda recently migrated its physical servers into a virtual environment for extra flexibility, but the virtual machines lacked the level of data security the company required. After careful examination, Ready Honda selected Acronis Backup, installing the software on a Windows Storage Server in the remote location and connecting it to the virtual machines through the VMware vCenter.

The system has already proved to be useful. At the beginning of 2016, the company fell victim to a ransomware attack, malware which encrypts hard drives and solicits an online payment in return for the decryption key. Ready Honda faced the prospect of paying this hefty ransom or losing the data on its compromised virtual machine. Instead of paying the ransom, the internal IT staff erased the infected machine and created a fresh copy from a backup. The entire process took less than two hours and no data was lost.

Read more about Ready Honda's experience in this document.

Ready Honda Recovers from Ransomware with Acronis