Offer your clients continuous data protection

Today’s businesses rely heavily on their data, but unfortunately data loss can happen without a moment’s notice. As soon as data loss happens, your client will be calling you in a panic to see if you can help them restore their business-critical data. Depending on when their last backup was, this can severely impact their productivity – setting them back hours, days, or perhaps even weeks.

Offer your clients continuous data protection

Deliver integrated cyber protection with a platform built for MSPs

Through one integrated platform, service providers can deliver all of the cyber protection solutions today’s clients demand via a single pane of glass.

Acronis Cyber Cloud

Deliver all the cyber protection services your clients seek via one platform and one pane of glass

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Save the day and clients’ data

Instead of hoping that the last scheduled backup was recently performed, you can easily protect your client’s high-priority files and folders with continuous data protection. This is an affordable feature, found in the Acronis Cyber Cloud, that you can offer to your clients so that their users don’t lose any progress or productivity on the apps and folders that are frequently in use.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud