Acronis Detection and Response: The last line of defense if cyberthreats get through

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When more than 450,000 new malware threats are identified every day and 4 out of 5 organizations are breached during the first six months of 2021, the importance of having advanced cybersecurity to protect your business-critical data can’t be overstated.

But the unfortunate reality – one that other vendors might not admit – is that no solution can stop 100% of cyberattacks 100% of the time. At some point, a cyberattack will be able to bypass the roadblocks you have deployed. What then?

Having a solution that automatically finds and disables those attacks is the only way an organization can keep up with the fast-changing threat landscape.

That is why earlier this year, Acronis acquired Nyotron Paranoid. One of the world’s top last-line-of-defense solutions, it’s designed to detect and stop the kind of threats that evade other anti-malware defenses – and, as of today, that battle-tested solution is available as Acronis Detection and Response.

Stopping cyberthreats from doing damage

The faster a breach can be identified and contained quickly, the less damage it can do. Unfortunately, the Ponemon Institute reports that currently takes an average of 208 days – and 55% of organizations fail to fully remediate the initial cause of the breach.

Automating security decreases the total cost of data breaches almost three times, yet 41% of organizations have not even started implementing it.

Acronis Detection and Response makes it easy to harness to enrich your anti-malware defenses with that kind of automation.

Using zero trust to stop cyberthreats

Designed using a zero-trust approach, the technology behind Acronis Detection and Response identifies and stops anomalous activities, while providing real-time visibility into attacks with deep forensic analysis and enabling automatic and manual remediation.

Leveraging this new technology enables an organization to increase its security posture in three ways.

Preventing more attacks and minimizing risks

The ability to detect and prevent the kind of advanced attacks that bypass other anti-malware defenses, including new or unknown malware and ransomware, fileless attacks, zero-day threats, and advanced persistent threats (APTs) means stopping breaches before they can do any harm.

The zero-trust approach enables for greater detection accuracy and catches any deviation from legitimate OS or application behavior, even in offline or air-gapped environments.

Ensuring rapid incident response with deep visibility

By continuously monitoring endpoint and network activity across the entire organization, Acronis Detection and Response provides focused, detailed visibility into any threat. Automatic threat prevention capabilities reduce response time significantly.

Security teams are also better equipped to provide manual remediation and conduct post-breach investigations by gaining detailed visibility and forensics into every attack. They gain granular visibility into the attack timelines, origin, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and information on what the attackers attempted to accomplish, strengthening the organization’s security posture and post-breach analysis capabilities.

Leveraging existing resources to the fullest

Adding this last line of defense for advanced threat detection and prevention can also supercharge existing anti-malware defenses – without having to rip and replace the solutions already in place. Organizations can also reduce their staffing needs and deploy team members more effectively thanks to automated threat hunting that delivers focused, detailed visibility into threats (without unnecessary noise). Acronis Detection and Response also provides access to Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services from Acronis.

Financially, the solution enables an organization to conserve resources as well. It allows a company to lower its total cost of ownership (TCO) even further via low bandwidth consumption, which eliminates the need for costly infrastructure.

Final thought

Even with the best cybersecurity solutions guarding your systems, the likelihood is an attack will eventually succeeding is inevitable. Having a solution that automatically recognizes and fixes threats that have slipped past your other defenses can turn a time-consuming, reactive approach to remediation into an instant response that kicks in before any damage is done.

With Acronis Detection and Response, organizations gain the last line of defense they need to supplement their anti-malware, as well as the forensic insights needed to prevent similar attacks in the future. Learn more about this proven solution here.

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