D&H Distributing empowers SMB-focused MSPs with Acronis Cyber Protection Solutions

There’s always been a tension between the haves and the have-nots. In the business world, large enterprises often have security technologies in place that small and mid-sized organizations cannot access. But thanks to a new partnership agreement, those resellers who focus on small businesses and the managed service providers (MSPs) who handle IT for SMB clients can now provide access to the same cyber protection technologies that the world’s leading companies and professional sports teams rely on.

That’s because D&H Distributing, a leading provider of SMB and consumer technologies to the North American high-tech channel, has formed a new partnership with Acronis to make our comprehensive range of cyber protection solutions available to its service provider partners through the D&H Cloud Marketplace.

Acronis Channel experts reveal how to defend MSP clients against cyberthreats

Cybercrime is escalating at an alarming rate. As a result, experts forecast $6 trillion in damages in 2021 alone. Join Acronis Channel experts Amy Luby and Candid Wüest at IoTTSA Beyond the Curve today (January 20) at 2:00 pm to learn about the most dangerous cyberthreats facing the industry in the year ahead – and how a comprehensive cyber protection solution keeps your MSP business and your clients protected and profitable through it all.

Malwarebytes targeted by cyberattack group that hit SolarWinds

You don’t have to work in cybersecurity to be aware of the recent discovery that a sophisticated state actor had potentially compromised tens of thousands of private companies and government institutions in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. The means was a software supply-chain: attackers breached the software distribution infrastructure of tech vendor SolarWinds, embedding malware in its popular Orion network management tool. When customers downloaded the latest Orion product update, the malware surreptitiously spread throughout their organizations, in many cases finding and forwarding sensitive data to external servers controlled by the attackers.

Now comes news that SolarWinds was not the only victim of this Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attack. Cybersecurity vendor Malwarebytes disclosed earlier this week that it had also been victimized by the same threat actors.

New Acronis Cyber Protect update

The start of 2021 has made it clear that the protection challenges facing organizations continue to evolve. Existing systems now require greater protection flexibility, new operating systems add complexity and compatibility concerns, and cybercriminals are unleashing ever more sophisticated attacks.

To meet those evolving IT and security requirements, we’ve just rolled out the first update release to Acronis Cyber Protect – our unique integration of data protection, cybersecurity, and endpoint protection management for organizations of all sizes.

Cyberthreat update from Acronis CPOCs: Week of January 11, 2021

Here at Acronis, we’re always monitoring for dangers to your data, deploying updates to handle newly-discovered vulnerabilities, and issuing alerts and recommendations to help you stay protected. Our global network of Acronis Cyber Protection Operations Centers (CPOCs) continue to work around the clock to proactively detect and defend against the latest cyberthreats.

Part of this work includes video updates to inform you of modern hazards in the digital landscape — such as ransomware attacks on major corporations and changes in business application security. Here’s a look at some of the most recent breaking news and analyses:

How close is the reality of self-repairing endpoints?

The concept of self-repairing or self-healing endpoints holds tremendous appeal to any IT pro responsible for an organization’s cyber resiliency because they promise reduced complexity and better-deployed resources. In this article, which originally appeared in Information Security Magazine, Acronis VP of Cyber Protection Research Candid Wüest shows how many managed services providers (MSPs) and corporate sysadmins are already seeing the early benefits of self-repairing endpoints because they have adopted a cyber protection approach.

How CloudTech S.A.S. boosted RPO by 50% and protected customers with Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud

As a managed service provider, you know how important choosing the right vendor can be. Businesses live and die by the quality of their IT services, and when your clients aren't getting what they require, it’s a risk to their livelihood and to your own. That’s the situation that CloudTech S.A.S. found themselves in when Arcserve’s data backup solution was no longer meeting their needs.

Service providers looking for the best Arcserve alternative should consider tested solutions that have already delivered incredible results for others in the IT channel. A recent case study details how Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud helped CloudTech take their service offerings to the next level.

Evolution of Disaster Recovery

During the past few decades, disaster recovery has evolved from copying every document (creating mountains of paper) to saving backups on tapes, and from recovering documents stored on floppy disks to cloud backup and recovery. What once took days or even weeks to accomplish can now take hours or mere minutes.

The modern speed of disaster recovery has been spurred on by what’s happening around us, so Acronis took an “inside-out” look at what was going on in the world and how developments in disaster recovery responded in this infographic.

Defending against supply chain attacks like the SolarWinds breach

The success of the massive SolarWinds supply-chain attack presents an urgent new cybersecurity challenge to every business. We plumb the tactics used in the SolarWinds breach and show how Acronis defends against it and similar attacks.

December release of Acronis Cyber Cloud empowers MSPs

For IT service providers, the challenge of ensuring clients are protected has never been more acute than in 2020. That’s why Acronis has spent the past 12 months helping you deliver cyber protection to your clients in an easy, efficient, and secure way.

This year, we introduced monthly releases for the Acronis Cyber Cloud platform, delivered more partner enablement by launching the Acronis #CyberFit Academy, and opened more data centers across the globe to ensure availability, access, and data sovereignty.

But the year isn’t over yet and we have one more release of Acronis Cyber Cloud coming that will help you further protect your clients and their data.