Easy Backup

When we hear that something is easy, we often think it means it’s childish, has reduced functionality, or requires a lot of training to make it easy. Learning a new language, flying an airplane, or creating a mobile app can all be easy tasks, for example, but only for those who spent a lot of time learning and practicing how to do it.

For a long time, data protection was in the same category. If you’ve been in the IT industry for more than ten years, then you’ve likely experienced the nightmare of rebuilding servers and restoring lost data. It was a difficult and time-consuming task, even for seasoned professionals... and that’s when backups were measured in megabytes and businesses could go for hours or even days without data.

Darkhorse Tech

Darkhorse Tech is wrapping up its 5th year as a leader in the dental technology space. Reuben Kamp, Darkhorse Tech’s CEO and founder told Acronis that their customers want a seamless, managed experience with little to no downtime.

Acronis True Image 2018 - Update 2

Fans of Acronis True Image are getting an early holiday gift. That’s because we’ve just released Update 2, which is loaded with enhancements and new features that make the world’s number one personal backup software even better.

With Update 2, Acronis enhances your control and user experience, expands the capabilities when creating boot media, and ensures mobile data is safe and secure.

Driver Injection in Acronis Media Builder

Make sure all of your devices are ready to work, even when booting using WinPE/RE recovery media. Acronis True Image 2018 features a WinPE/RE-based environment for Recovery Media, which includes the ability to add drivers for those instances when required drivers are not found in the default Windows Driver Store.

Here’s a quick “how to” article on driver injection using the Advanced option of the Acronis Media Builder tool.



Subscription is a convenient method of receiving regular updates, products or services. Pioneered by the news industry hundreds of years ago, this business model stood the test of time. Throughout the years, happy customers enjoyed regular services by subscribing to news, magazines, CDs, wine, and even opera tickets. And then came the cloud. The cloud made complex IT easy and affordable, also thanks to the familiar subscription model of service delivery.

Pierre Gasly of Scuderia Toro

As the Formula 1 season came to an end, thousands of people made their way to oil-rich Abu Dhabi to see their favorite drivers one more time. And the picturesque Yas Marina didn’t disappoint.

The Mercedes team that already had the contractors’ championship in the pocket displayed another strong performance, with both drivers taking the first two podium positions, followed by Ferraris’ Sebastian Vettel who settled for third while retaining the second spot in the driver standings.

Acronis Machine Learning

Acronis Active Protection is an advanced technology that uses sophisticated analysis to monitor and stop erratic processes on your system. If ransomware somehow manages to get through your anti-virus and starts to encrypt files, Acronis Active Protection will detect the encryption and immediately halt it – automatically restoring the files to the most recently backed up version. While performing well in independent testing and earning accolades from the media, Acronis has worked diligently to make it even better. The result is an improved version that incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

Acronis opens a school in Myanmar

In case you missed it, last week Acronis’ founder and CEO Serguei Beloussov travelled to Myanmar to open a new primary school in the small village of  Ata, Kyauk Padaung Township, some 200 km North of the country’s capital Naypyidaw. The entire village came together to celebrate this momentous occasion. National costumes, balloons, dancing, and a talent show filled the day with excitement and new hope for local children.

Black Friday — Acronis

The approaching discounts of Black Friday and Cyber Monday have a lot of people anxiously awaiting new laptops, smartphones and tablets. When setting up these devices, there are a few steps you should take as soon as it is out of the box to make sure your device and the data on it are safe and secure.

Whether you receive one of these high-tech goodies as a holiday present or you’ve fought the crowds for your discounted device, here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

GDPR Primer — General Concepts


The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into effect on May 25, 2018 and it’s going to affect every business and institution that captures the personal information (like payment card data or government identification numbers) of individual EU citizens. In a digital age in which customer data is considered a core asset, businesses will be forced to review their procedures and technology infrastructure to ensure that data is processed and managed to comply with these new regulations or face stiff financial penalties.