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Defend against modern cyberthreats
Acronis Security Assessment Service
Organizations utilize more technologies to answer today’s cyber challenges. However, every change to the IT environment introduces new security gaps. Malicious attackers are able to bypass standard security solutions with newly introduced techniques and advanced threats. The Acronis Security Assessment Service lets you deliver a thorough review of your client’s security program and align the cybersecurity strategy with their business goals. Having a proactive approach is paramount to meet today’s complex cyberattacks.
95% of data
breaches could have been prevented. “Cyber Incident & Breach Trends Report“, OTA 2018;
  • Risk assessment
    Risk assessment
    Ensure any changes to the IT environment does not introduce security gaps by evaluating the security posture using industry-best standards.
  • Vulnerability scanning
    Vulnerability scanning
    Limit the attack surface of your clients’ corporate networks, applications, and endpoints, and ensure secure development lifecycle (SDL).
  • Social engineering
    Social engineering
    Evaluate your clients’ general security controls and employees’ readiness to ensure they’re able to meet complex cyberattacks.
  • Network and web application penetration testing
    Network and web application penetration testing
    Ensure regulatory compliance with standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and ISO, and close attack vectors to network, mobile, and web environments.
  • Remediation report
    Remediation report
    Help clients’ understand the need for security investment decisions and mitigate risks with actionable recommendations from our cybersecurity analysts.
Acronis Security Awareness Service
No matter how powerful cybersecurity technologies are utilized, what often determines the safety of corporate data is how prepared the personnel is to meet cyberattacks and follow internal processes with security in mind. Techniques that rely on human manipulation, such as phishing, are among the greatest threats to organizations of all sizes. With the Acronis Security Awareness Service, you are able to minimize the human error and ensure that the organizations you deliver security to are prepared to face today’s cyber challenges.
66% of organizations
Said security awareness training has helped them reduce the number of successful attacks. “U.S. State of Cybercrime Survey”, CSO, 2018
  • Foundational-level knowledge
    Foundational-level knowledge
    Enhance the readiness of your clients’ personnel to meet cyberattacks with essential knowledge of cybersecurity, best practices, and the threat landscape.
  • Role-based security training
    Role-based security training
    Ensure prompt identification, reporting, and reaction to potential cybersecurity and privacy incidents across all levels of the organization – from general employees to IT personnel to executives.
  • Compliance and certification trainings
    Compliance and certification trainings
    Ensure employees meet regulatory and security certification requirements.
  • Versatile delivery
    Versatile delivery
    The Acronis Security Awareness Service is delivered to your clients in the way most convenient for them – on-site training or online access to more than 700 training modules.
Acronis Incident Response Service
The average time to identify and contain a breach in 2019 was 279 days, according to Ponemon Institute. How quickly and effectively an organization responds to data breaches will determine the financial and reputational damage it faces. The Acronis Incident Response Service ensures fast remediation and protection against future reoccurrence.
$1.23 million
is the amount by which an effective incident response plan reduces the average total cost of data breaches.
“Cost of a Data Breach Report”, Ponemon Institute, 2019
  • Business continuity
    Business continuity
    Minimize system downtime and limit the damage of successful security breaches to ensure fast remediation.
  • Identifying damaged assets
    Identifying damaged assets
    Precise analysis of the scope of the breach to ensure complete threat isolation.
  • Forensics
    Our cyber investigators gather evidence needed for follow-up investigations and legal representation.
  • Remediation Report
    Remediation Report
    Ensure full remediation of the breach, mitigation of the damage, and prevention of reoccurrence of similar threats in the future.

Why Acronis Security Services?

Improve your security offering and become a single-point-of-security for your clients to

  • Improve your profitability

    Improve your profitability

    Improve your ARPU by attracting new businesses, upselling existing clients, and demonstrating a more holistic security expertise.
  • Decrease churn

    Decrease churn

    Keep your existing clients satisfied by increasing your security offering and minimizing security risks.
  • No investment required

    No investment required

    Minimize costs through delivering provisioned services with minimal involvement on your side – no additional IT personal, or capital expenditures needed.
  • Reduced Complexity

    Reduced Complexity

    Reduce dependency on multiple vendors to minimize reputational and financial risks and ease management and scalability.

Acronis Security Services

SMBs now expect every MSP to offer risk mitigation and cybersecurity services

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are the security services delivered?

    Acronis Security Services are delivered under the Acronis brand by leading security experts we partner with. Once a client has sent a request to Acronis or our partners, the dedicated Professional Services team will contact them to draft the SOW (scope, SKUs, and cost) and customize the service offering to the client’s precise needs.

  • Is this a dedicated security team?

    No. Acronis Security Services are a set of pre-packaged servicing offers designed to help organizations of all sizes build a more holistic approach to cyber protection.

  • What languages are the services available in?

    The Acronis Security Assessment, Acronis Security Awareness on-site, and Acronis Incident Response Services are only available in English. The online training modules of the Acronis Security Awareness Service are available in multiple languages. For a full list of available languages, please contact an Acronis representative.

  • How often should a security assessment be performed?

    In general, it’s vital to perform security assessments whenever changes to the IT environment are introduced to ensure they do not open any attack vectors. It’s a good practice to run a security assessment at least once a year, but some regulations such as PCI DSS require quarterly evaluations.

  • Can I contact you after a breach has happened?

    Acronis Incident Response Service can help you identify the damaged assets, contain and remediate the breach, and prevent a future reoccurrence. However, to minimize financial and reputational damage, Acronis recommends adopting a proactive approach by having the service in place before a breach occurs.

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