Acronis #CyberFit Summit sponsor Silvereye Technologies predicts new opportunities for MSPs

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During the Summit, our own Jeff Hardy, Acronis Solutions Marketing Manager, had a chance to sit down with Cameron May, Silvereye’s founder and chief strategist. Silvereye is known for its unique approach to matching fully-qualified clients to the right enterprise MSP. This ensures the client has access to the right advisory and managed services while providing MSPs with fully-qualified, happy clients.

Acronis has always enjoyed a close working relationship with Silvereye, and this year, we are especially grateful that they were the Title Sponsor at the recent Acronis #CyberFit Summit 2022.

The conversation between Hardy and May was insightful and touched on a number of important topics. These included the challenges many MSPs face in scaling their business, how MSPs and distributors can deliver more value to clients and why May is personally excited about Acronis’ new advanced cyber scripting capabilities.

Some key takeaways are featured below, but you’ll want to listen to the entire conversation here.

Why is it so hard for MSPs to scale?

Hardy and May discussed the topic of scalability and, more specifically, why some MSPs have a hard time growing their business. Many have initial success finding the right number of clients, and while they’re extremely tech savvy, they may not have the business acumen to grow from 10 employees to 20–50 and eventually 100+.

May believes the time is right for MSPs to seize new sales and marketing opportunities as the overall industry evolves and transforms — a topic he covered in his solo presentation as well as the Acronis panel discussion on revenue acceleration.

The need to deliver more value

May also mentioned the need to help MSP partners learn how to resell Acronis products and services, and raised an important point. In traditional channels, end clients view fulfillment as a necessity, but not a value-added service. In many cases, clients may not be happy with MSPs if they perceive them as only fulfilling orders. However, if MSPs can learn how to add more value to their client relationships, they can move away from being seen as just a necessity and become more valued as a true partner.

Acronis advanced cyber scripting capabilities

Hardy and May also discussed Acronis’ new advanced cyber scripting capabilities, which will be available in the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Advanced Management pack. May believes these capabilities can solve even more challenges for Silvereye clients facing specific use cases that may not have had an easy solution in the past.

Thanks again to the Silvereye team for their valuable contributions to this year’s Acronis #CyberFit Summit. And while 2023 may seem to be a long way away, it’s not too early to register now for the Acronis #CyberFit Summit 2023. We hope to see you there!

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