Build Your Own Brand with Acronis White-Label Software

Build Your Own Brand with Acronis White-Label Software

In today’s increasingly digital world, managed service providers (MSPs) fight for their customers’ attention, looking for ways to make them stay and purchase more services. One way to encourage that behavior is to develop a dependable brand of products and services that customers can trust.

While managed service providers can sell multiple services from different brands, it doesn’t build any real loyalty to the company itself. However, if they had their own brand of dependable solutions, customers would be more likely to buy more services of that same brand.

It’s for this reason that many service providers build their own solutions to sell to their customers. This way they can offer valuable services to their customers branded with their own company names, logos, domain URLs, and their own contact information. These integrated services help them build necessary brand equity.  

Customers like such branded solutions because they come from their own trusted provider, often at a special negotiated rate. Service providers like branded solutions because they help them to extend brand awareness, add value to their company, and to increase the stickiness of services they provide to their customers. When customers are ready to purchase more capacity or look at adding new services, their trusted vendor’s brand is right there to serve them.

While these are all good reasons for customers and the service providers, there’s one big challenge that becomes apparent. Not every service provider has sufficient resources to build new integrated business solutions to meet the customers’ demand. It also takes away from the service provider’s core business of providing the best services available on the market. Especially in the world of IT software with a multitude of different vendors competing for the same market share, building the best-in-class software is usually outside the provider’s wheelhouse. While it’s possible to produce something that looks good on the surface, customers will soon find out if something is wrong and will look elsewhere for a better product.

A better option for IT service providers is to deliver white-label software from a trusted vendor, under their own name and with their own contracts. (See “Why A White Label Solution Is Easier Than Building Your Own” on White-label software works just like the generic product brands found in supermarkets and big-box distributors — the retailer buys a product in bulk, packages and sells it to the customer at its own configuration, its own price, and stamped with its own name. The same model can now be applied to business software. Service providers don’t need to develop their own in-house expertise on building the solution… they just need to apply their own pricing, packaging, and branding to a proven product. This way service providers save money, get to market faster, and are more likely deliver a better service to their customers.

Acronis Business Continuity Solutions

Acronis has built a trusted name in backup and data protection, pioneering a number of industry firsts including full-image backup and Universal Restore technology. Today, with over a decade of experience building business continuity software, data protection products powered by the Acronis AnyData engine are available to service providers as white label solutions. When it comes backup as a service (BaaS) or disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), service providers know that a branded offering powered by Acronis will be trusted by their customers.

The Acronis Backup Cloud enables service providers to solve their customers’ data protection problems with an easy, complete, and safe backup and disaster recovery solution. The hybrid cloud backup offering from Acronis lets service providers choose where to store the protected data — locally, in the Acronis Cloud, or in their own datacenter. Many service providers choose to use their own storage for their customers’ data while leaving management in the Acronis cloud. These service providers not only leverage their own brand, but their datacenter capacity as well. For sizable deployments, service providers can take advantage of the Acronis Storage software defined storage (SDS) solution, enabling fault-tolerant storage clusters across unlimited nodes of commodity hardware. (For more information on Acronis Backup Cloud, visit the product page or download this product datasheet)

White-Label Solutions For Service Providers

Acronis Backup Cloud management console can be easily rebranded with your own details

Acronis Backup Cloud management console can be easily rebranded with your own details

For service providers who want to start offering new or improved data protection services, the Acronis Backup Cloud is the perfect place to begin. The multi-tenant white-label backup-as-a-service solution is scalable and easy to use. Following just a few clicks to setup custom branding options, service providers can immediately start selling products under their own brand, focusing on solving their customers’ issues and offering their customers a world-class backup service. White label software solutions enable service providers to easily build value into their own brand, and deliver services their customers will stick around for.