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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
for service providers

The cyberthreat landscape continues to evolve on a daily basis – luckily, your cyber protection solution from Acronis continues to evolve as well. In February’s release of Acronis Cyber Cloud, we introduced numerous data protection and security enhancements to help you deliver cyber protection the easy, efficient and secure way.

As a result of these updates, our MSP partners can now deliver enhanced cyber protection with:

  • Data loss prevention (DLP) via device and port control: Strengthen data protection and prevent leaks of sensitive information via local physical and virtual workloads. Enforce context-aware controls over local data access and transfer operations on workloads, including clipboard operations.
  • Anti-malware for Linux: Increase protection for your clients’ Linux-based environments. Anti-malware protection for Linux provides real-time protection and scheduled scans so that you can notify clients, and block and quarantine suspicious activity in real-time.
  • IPsec multisite VPN support: Strengthen security with support of IPSec multisite VPN support. Available in Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud, IPsec multisite VPN support integrates secure protocols and algorithms, so you can easily support clients with multiple sites that are hosting critical workloads with higher requirements for security, compliance, and bandwidth.
  • Support checks for updates via peer-to-peer: Maintain your clients’ system updates with ease. With peer-to-peer updates in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, as long as one agent is connected to the cloud, it will receive and share updates with other agents on the network. If this agent is down or not connected, the rest of the agents will go to Acronis Cloud and will receive updates there – ensuring they are all up to date.
  • Bootable media builder: Recover clients’ data even faster with the bootable media builder, now available in Acronis Cyber Cloud. This enables you to easily create a customized Linux-based or Windows-based media that can be moved to USBs, ISO, or WIM without downloading any additional software – saving you time and resources.
  • Custom DNS configuration: Provide flexibility by setting up your custom DNS configurations for the disaster recovery site in the Acronis Cloud. This enables you to easily adjust DNS settings for your cloud servers, that are dependent on your own DNS services.
  • Enhanced security mode: Provide even better security for your clients with enhanced security mode. This mode restricts data access for everyone but the data owner. It safeguards all backups by ensuring they are encrypted and the management console doesn’t store or archive any passwords.
  • Acronis Cyber Files Cloud for Android: Protect even more Android files with additional functionalities within Acronis Cyber Files, including localization support in Spanish. With this update, users can now take photos within the app and provide an even better user experience with PDF files: improved speed, enhanced search performance, and more.

Increase client protection while growing your MSP business

In addition to the numerous product enhancements just released for Acronis Cyber Cloud, we are also excited to announce some other news that can help you accelerate your managed services business:

  • Offer managed services in additional locations. We are excited to announce some new global data center openings, which benefits everyone with better connectivity while helping clients stay compliant by storing their data locally. We’ve recently opened data centers in Spain, Lichtenstein, and Israel – and are launching even more locations in the coming weeks. For more information on our data center locations, visit our data centers page.
  • Protect more Microsoft 365 data with our new promotion. Entice new clients to come on board with unlimited Acronis-hosted cloud storage for personal Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace mailboxes. Now through May 31 – at no additional charge – service providers on the current licensing model (20.08), will receive unlimited Acronis-hosted cloud storage for individual Microsoft 365 mailboxes or Google Workspace seats (Google Drive, mailboxes, and OneDrive). To learn more, read the terms and conditions.
  • Build out your solutions offering. Our Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.5 release provides new features that enhance the clients’ experience and service providers’ interoperability. These improvements cover the ability to configure inbound firewall rules for nodes, automatic detection of about-to-fail drives, configurable redundancy scheme for better efficiency, and optimization of compute resources. For more details, read the Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.5 release notes.

While the cyber landscape continues to evolve, we strive to deliver the cyber protection you need to keep your clients secure. With these enhancements, you and your team should be able to provide in-demand services and solutions clients are looking without having to add another vendor or solution. Acronis helps you deliver cyber protection easily, efficiently and securely.

To learn more about this month’s updates and how these can benefit your business, watch our what’s new training or view the release notes.

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