Cyber Backup Cloud

Enhance your clients’ data protection with secure backup and recovery

Cyber Backup Cloud
Cyber Backup Cloud
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Protect all clients, whatever their hardware, software, or use case

Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud unites backup-as-a-service with AI-based antiransomware technologies to safeguard any workload in any environment – physical or virtualized, on-premises, or in the cloud. With support for more than 20 platforms, you can handle any use case, retain clients, and expand your total addressable market.
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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Demo Webinar

Centralized Cyber Protection for Remote Workforces
Centralized Cyber Protection for Remote Workforces
December 3, 2020, 02 PM EST
Join Acronis pros to learn how the integration and automation of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud can help keep a remote workforce protected while eliminating costs and complexity.
  • James SlabyDirector of Cyber Protection at Acronis
  • James ErbyAcronis Solutions Engineer
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Data protection that MSPs around the world rely on

  • 50K+
  • 8K+
    service providers
  • 14+
    Acronis data centers
  • 33
    supported languages

Flexible capabilities to meet client needs

  • Protection for any workload

    Protection for any workload

    Cover Windows, Linux, Macs, eight major hypervisors, iOS, Android, Microsoft apps, Microsoft 365, and G Suite.
  • Fast, reliable backups

    Fast, reliable backups

    Avoid backup-file corruption, resume/stop backup jobs at any time, back up at 500MB/second and faster.
  • Vulnerability assessments

    Vulnerability assessments

    Scan client machines for vulnerabilities to ensure cybercriminals can’t exploit the OS or applications.
  • Multiple backup storage options

    Multiple backup storage options

    Back up to cloud storage from Acronis, Google, or Microsoft, your own cloud, or local networked storage.
  • Acronis Active Protection

    Acronis Active Protection

    Stop cyberattacks with the backup industry’s most advanced, AI-based antiransomware technology.
  • Acronis Universal Restore

    Acronis Universal Restore

    Restore to dissimilar hardware dramatically faster and without incompatibility issues.
All features

Single pane of glass management portal

Perform all data protection and client management tasks via the central multi-tenant portal.

  • Flexible monitoring and reporting
    Flexible monitoring and reporting
  • Single UI for all backup use-cases
    Single UI for all backup use-cases
  • Customizable backup settings
    Customizable backup settings
  • Integrated vulnerability assessment
    Integrated vulnerability assessment

Discover how Acronis helped your peers

  • Virtual1 grows partner base
    Case study

    Virtual1 Grows Partner Base, Satisfies Data Protection Requirements with Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud

    Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud with Acronis Storage helped improve service speed, brand perception, and customer satisfaction.

  • Medicomp Achieves 90% Faster Recovery with Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud
    Case study

    Medicomp achieves 90% faster recovery with Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud

    Deployment of Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud triggered business growth and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Webplus Datacenter Grows Cloud Business 900% with Acronis
    Case study

    Webplus Datacenter grows cloud business 900% with Acronis

    Deployment of Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud triggered business growth and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Canadian Cloud Backup Grows Revenues 25% with Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud
    Case Study

    Canadian Cloud Backup grows revenues 25% with Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud

    Customer satisfaction rates up 45 percent with Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud white-label solution.

  • Centorrino Technologies Achieves Impressive 18x Backup Efficiency Improvement with Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud
    Case Study

    Centorrino Technologies achieves impressive 18x backup efficiency improvement with Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud

    Deploying Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud resulted in significant efficiency improvements, greater visibility to protected data, and increased customer satisfaction.

  • XcellHost Improved Data Protection Efficiency by 50 Percent Using Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud
    Case Study

    XcellHost improved data protection efficiency by 50 percent using Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud

    Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud replaced the four separate products that XcellHost previously used to protect its data.

Control and customization

  • Three deployment options

    Three deployment options

    Choose the deployment that’s right for you: Acronis-hosted, hybrid (hosted or cloud storage), or private cloud.
  • Comprehensive white labeling

    Comprehensive white labeling

    Brand the service with your own look and feel. Customize your services and console to differentiate your business.
  • PSA and RMM integration

    PSA and RMM integration

    Integrate with Kaseya, Autotask, ConnectWise, cPanel, Atera, CloudBlue, Odin, Plesk, Wasabi, WHMCS, and others.
  • RESTful management API

    RESTful management API

    Ensure the service works with your custom systems with Acronis Cyber Platform’s powerful RESTful API and SDKs.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing

    Pay-as-you-go pricing

    Meet the dynamic needs of your clients with a 100% pay-per-use licensing model, for the flexibility you want.
  • Data center selection

    Data center selection

    Choose where to host the system and store data, including Acronis, Google and Microsoft data centers worldwide.
All features

Cyber Backup Cloud

Enhance your clients’ data protection with secure backup and recovery

Microsoft 365 and G Suite protection

Increase revenues easily by delivering efficient, in-demand, cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery for Office 365
Complete Microsoft 365 and G Suite protection
  • Profit from the rising demand
    EMC reports 80% of businesses using SaaS have lost data. Earn more monthly recurring revenue by providing the protection services your clients need for their cloud-based applications.
  • Deliver complete protection
    Protect Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Gmail, Drive, etc. with flexible recovery options and backup search capabilities.
  • Defend data easily with cloud-to-cloud backup
    Avoid upfront costs while simplifying the configuration process and regular maintenance. It’s easy because there's no need to install any software.

Part of Acronis Cyber Cloud

Through one integrated platform, service providers can deliver all of the cyber protection solutions today’s clients demand via a single pane of glass.

Acronis Cyber Cloud
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Build your service with these solutions

  • Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
    Comprehensive protection

    AI-powered integration of data protection and cybersecurity

  • Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud
    Backup and recovery

    Hybrid cloud backup-as-a-service solution for service providers

  • Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud
    Disaster recovery

    Turnkey DRaaS for virtual and physical workloads built on Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud

  • Acronis Cyber Files Cloud
    Workplace collaboration

    File sync and share with uncompromised security and flexible storage

  • Acronis Cyber Notary Cloud
    Notarization and e-signature

    Blockchain-powered data notarization and e-signature solution for service providers

Global data center presence

Help your clients meet their unique needs by storing their data where they choose. With multiple data centers worldwide, Acronis enables you to meet the compliance, data sovereignty, and performance requirements of all your clients.

  • Microsoft Azure
    • USA, Iowa
  • Google Cloud Platform
    • USA, Dalles, OR
    • Canada, Vancouver
Services Availability
  • Microsoft Azure
    • Ireland
Services Availability
  • Microsoft Azure
    • USA, Iowa
  • Google Cloud Platform
    • USA, Dalles, OR
Services Availability
  • Google Cloud Platform
    • Canada, Vancouver
Services Availability
  • Microsoft Azure
    • Ireland
Services Availability
  • Microsoft Azure
    • USA, Iowa
Services Availability
  • Google Cloud Platform
    • USA, Dalles, OR
Services Availability
  • Acronis
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure

Looking for help?

  • I signed up for a trial. Where can I download the backup agents?

    You first need to create a customer and an account for them. Once that is done, you can either log in as that customer or, in the Account management console, select the customer to manage their backups. This will bring you to the Backup management console where you can download the backup agent.

  • How much system resource usage will it take to back up?

    1. 1. Resource usage is relative to the system specifications and a number of other factors, such as disk speed, disk size, available bandwidth, etc. By default, the Acronis backup process runs on low priority, with the operating system dynamically throttling its resources.
    2. 2. On modern servers and workstations, the CPU usage is typically around 3-4% and RAM consumption will be up to 500 MB with CPU spikes during the snapshot phase.

  • Can you integrate with my storage solution?

    Acronis provides a hardware-independent software solution that can work with almost any hardware on industry-standard protocols like SMB and NFS. Acronis can also support any block-based storage, as long as it's supported by the operating system.

  • How can I set up a backup to a network drive?

    In the backups section of the backup portal:

  • How frequently can I back up (RPO)?

    This will depend on the size and performance of the hard disk, the amount of data changed, and the available bandwidth. Testing needs to be done, but the minimum threshold is 10 minutes.

  • What are the best practices to back up Hyper-V?

    We recommended you perform agentless backup for Hyper-V guest VMs, unless the VM needs to have ransomware protection and application-aware backups. Then, installing a Windows application agent is required.

  • Does Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud support deduplication?

    1. 1. Acronis backup agents support deduplication, in archives, for a single machine. Any new duplicated files will be skipped and not backed up.
    2. 2. Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud does not use a centralized deduplication server as the client's data can be encrypted and containerized for security purposes.

  • What is the compression rate?

    Compression rates vary depending on the type of data but generally, you can expect around 30-40% compression unless the data is exclusively media files.

  • Does Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud support encryption?

    Yes, Acronis Cyber Cloud and its services use encryption on all levels.

  • How does ransomware protection work?

    Acronis Active Protection is an advanced anti-ransomware technology. Completely compatible with the most common anti-malware solutions, our artificial-intelligence-based technology actively protects all of the data on your systems, including documents, media files, programs, Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud files, and more. It can detect and deflect attacks, and restore impacted data. For more information, review this guide in the Knowledge Base.

  • How granular is Exchange/Microsoft 365 recovery?

    Granular recovery can restore individual items from the mailbox: a single email, contact, or calendar item.

  • How do I do a bare metal restore?

    Bare metal restores can be done by booting the target machine using bootable media, point to the backup repository for the image file. (Refer to:

  • How can I restore a VM to Azure/Google/Amazon?

    The destination VM needs to have an OS pre-installed with the Acronis agent. The restoration will then be done using either P2V or V2V. It's not possible to use bootable media in Azure/Google/Amazon.

  • Can I restore from a smaller disk to a larger disk and vice versa?

    Yes. It’s possible to restore a disk image to a smaller drive if the smaller drive has enough space to accommodate the occupied space of the larger disk (e.g. if you have a 200 GB disk with 100 GB of space used, you can transfer an image of this disk to a 150 GB drive, but not to an 80 GB disk).

  • My customer has low bandwidth. How can I upload the initial backup?

    This process is done in two stages:

    • Creation of the initial backup on external media, please refer to the online documentation.
    • Sending the data, which can be done through physical shipment, also described in this Knowledge Base article, or upload via WAN from an alternative location using a special tool.
  • Product help

    In case you have any difficulties, we have collected all the useful materials for this product in our FAQ, Knowledge Base, Video Tutorials and documentation. Also you can always ask your question on our Discussion Boards.

  • Technical support

    Customers with active product maintenance or subscription are entitled to 24/7 technical support. Follow the instructions at the Technical Support Site to get prompt support by phone, chat or e-mail.